Cory Booker plans to create an office to combat white supremacy if he is president

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Senator Cory Booker just announced that as president, he would be creating a White House office dealing with white supremacy and hate crimes.

The New Jersey Democrat and presidential candidate joined other 2020 contenders in pandering to the left, proposing plans to combat gun violence and white supremacy in the weeks following the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas which killed 22 people.

Booker called the rise of hate crimes in the nation an “issue of national security” and addressed the “lurking” problem of white supremacy in a speech last week at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where nine black worshipers were killed by a gunman in 2015.

“To say this, is to speak the truth plainly — because without the truth there can be no reconciliation,” the former Newark mayor said.

Booker announced his plan this week which will create “a White House Office on Hate Crimes and White Supremacist Violence to bring together federal agencies and community organizations to improve upon and coordinate the federal response and ensure that dedicated resources are addressing hate crimes and to helping victims and impacted communities.”

His plan, which some criticized as being blatantly racist in itself, would be to get the FBI and the Justice Department to devote the same resources allotted to international terrorism to combat white supremacy violence. His website also noted the “training for officers on how to identify, investigate, and report crimes, as required in the Khalid Jabara-Heather Heyer NO HATE Act.”

Booker proposed he would direct the “FBI to reinstate the specific white supremacist designation and end the misleading ‘racially motivated violent extremism’ category” and pass “Cory’s Justice for Victims of Lynching Act,” making lynching a federal crime.

He took typical shots at President Trump and his administration while discussing his plan on CNN.

The 2020 contender repeatedly addressed the threats of white supremacy but seemed at a loss to even mention violence perpetrated by left-wing, militant anti-fascist groups like those in Portland, Oregon where conservative journalist Andy Ngo was brutally attacked while covering a rally in June.

Booker’s unveiled plan – if elected – would also create an external advisory group and invest in grants for victims of hate crimes while directing the DOJ on “sensitive locations” allowing immigrants to get resources “without fear of arrest, detainment, or deportation.”

Booker, who has also proposed an anti-gun violence plan that would establish a national licensing program for gun owners, plans to deal with the issues of white supremacy and hate crimes by addressing online threats and recruitment methods.

The “elitist” Democrat and his plan were slammed on Twitter for hypocrisy and obvious pandering.

Frieda Powers


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