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Intense scenes as Hong Kong airport descends into chaos; American flag emerges as symbol of hope and freedom

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Clashes between protestors and police at Hong Kong International Airport are getting intense, as thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have brought travel to a halt.

(Photo by Vernon Yuen/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Armed with pepper spray and batons, riot police are trying to restore order but the protesters are fighting back, as seen in a wild incident caught on camera.

A lone officer is seen trying to apprehend an apparent protester when the mob suddenly turns on him. They manage to get his baton away from him and begin hitting the officer with it. The desperate officer managed to pull his weapon, causing the crowd to disperse.

Other police officers are then seen rushing to his aid as the video comes to an end.


Video shows police storming the airport and reporters say some protesters are being hit on the head as others are being taken away.


President Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to say Chinese troops are mobilizing, calling for everyone to remain calm.

Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong. Everyone should be calm and safe!” Trump tweeted.

The United States of America serves as inspiration for Hong Kong residents who are demanding more freedom to govern their lives.

(Photo by Ivan Abreu/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The American flag has been adopted as a symbol of their protest as some, at the risk of death, sing the Star-Spangled Banner in a city now on the brink.

The contrast to how the progressive left in America respond to our flag not escaping the notice of former game show host Chuck Woolery.

The presence of the American flag clearly upsetting to some Chinese.

“You are Chinese! Why is there an American flag?” said one man, according to The South China Morning Post correspondent Jeffie Lam.

The Star Spangled Banner being a symbol that Hong Kong is different from China, according to one social media user.

“The use of the American flag struck me yesterday as a declaration from the protestors that Hong Kong is NOT China. The use of the flag was directed at mainland Chinese. It was a way of saying ‘we aren’t like you,'” read the tweet.

Tensions are incredibly high, as seen in the videos below:

Here are a few other tweets capturing the surreal scene at the Hong Kong airport:


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