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Bill de Blasio shrugs off his 0% polling results as trolls have nightmare waiting for him in Iowa

grab from https://www.mediaite.com/election-2020/bill-de-blasio-dismisses-getting-0-on-recent-poll-defends-criticizing-biden-this-is-the-preseason/
Screen capture … Anchor Kasie Hunt with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio … Credit: MSNBC

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In a Sunday evening MSNBC interview, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio shrugged off his most recent, hilariously dismal polling results in the 2020 race for the Democrat presidential nomination. Darn near bringing up the rear in a huge field, de Blasio polled at zero percent, with no fewer than 19 other candidates ahead of him, some of whom continue to struggle with little or no name recognition among voters.

The unpopular candidate, who is earning a great deal of disdain among his New York City constituents for rarely being around to perform his mayoral duties when needed, was at the Iowa State Fair when he spoke with anchor Kasie Hunt.

“I want to put up a recent Iowa caucus poll that shows Joe Biden up at 28% of voters,” Hunt said, “and I know that you mentioned it’s a more diverse place, that the fair has changed certainly. But this poll suggests people are comfortable with Joe Biden. Your name is not on the list.”

She continued, “And you’ve faced some tough headlines as mayor of New York, not an uncommon thing considering the tabloids you have. The New York Times wrote Trump’s competition for the most unpopular politician in New York is Bill de Blasio. I certainly have spoken with democratic sources who are frustrated about your willingness to criticize the front runner, saying that that’s something that might actually jeopardize his chances against Donald Trump. How do you respond to that?”

“Very quickly about New York,” de Blasio replied. “Things get portrayed one way but the facts are the facts. We’re the safest big city in America, I’ve added 500,000 jobs as mayor over the last six years, pre-k for every child for free. There’s a lot of really good stuff happening in New York. I got elected with 73% of the vote, re-elected a year and a half ago with 67% of the vote. That’s the poll that really matters. That’s to the popularity question.”

De Blasio then went on to defend his struggling presidential campaign.

“The question of whether it is right to critique and challenge a front-runner, look–this is the preseason, Kasie,” he said. “This is when we’d better get it right. And, first of all, just because someone is a party elder and we respect him, it doesn’t mean he gets a free pass to the nomination. There’s supposed to be a real competition, real tough questions asked. We’re supposed to see how people perform. Primaries very often make our candidates stronger and help us figure out who is actually the best to prevail in the long run. I think these criticisms, this is child’s play compared to what the Republicans will throw at our nominee. I think any Democrat better be able to handle critiques and answer criticisms and weather that storm. If you can’t do that, how on earth are you going to beat Donald Trump?”

Video by MSNBC

At the conclusion of the interview, Hunt advised the mayor not to be photographed eating a corn dog at the fair. “It’s a big mistake,” she said.

A group of activists from Manhattan flew to Iowa before the candidates arrived to pass out fake dollar bills mocking the New York City mayor at the State Fair, the New York Post reported.

“In Bill we trusted in Iowa he fails New Yorkers,” the fake money with de Blasio’s face on it reads.

“I said to myself this guy’s wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money to run for president when … nobody supports him,” organizer Mike Fischer told the Post. “So we may as well print up dollar bills and hand it around and maybe he’ll get it.”

The Monmouth University poll of Iowa Democrats likely to attend the party’s 2020 caucuses was conducted by phone from August 1 to 4. In the results below, the bolded numbers are the August 2019 results, the unbolded numbers in the column to the right are from Monmouth’s April 2019 poll.

Joe Biden 28% 27%
Elizabeth Warren 19% 7%
Kamala Harris 11% 7%
Bernie Sanders 9% 16%
Pete Buttigieg 8% 9%
Amy Klobuchar 3% 4%
Tom Steyer 3% n/a
Kirsten Gillibrand 2% 1%
Andrew Yang 2% 1%
Cory Booker 1% 3%
Steve Bullock 1% <1%
John Delaney 1% 1%
Tulsi Gabbard 1% <1%
John Hickenlooper 1% 0%
Michael Bennet <1% 0%
Julián Castro <1% 2%
Jay Inslee <1% <1%
Beto O’Rourke <1% 6%
Marianne Williamson <1% 0%
Bill de Blasio 0% <1%
Wayne Messam 0% 0%
Seth Moulton 0% 0%
Tim Ryan 0% 1%
Joe Sestak 0% n/a
(VOL) No one <1% 1%
(VOL) Other 0% 1%
(VOL) Undecided 10% 12%

Clearly, to register as a Democrat, one must have tunnel vision and wear blinders with rose-colored glasses, but de Blasio is in a league all his own as he continues his quixotic campaign.

Victor Rantala


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