MSNBC pundit: ‘I wonder if Pelosi thinks killing a man is an impeachable offense’

According to one of the frequent talking heads at MSNBC, which is already under fire for its increasingly extreme and non-reality based fear-mongering and conspiracy-theorizing, President Donald Trump […]

donald Trump bill maher
Trump cuts ‘wacko comedian’ Bill Maher down to size for spreading ‘so many lies’

President Donald Trump cut Bill Maher down to size after the diminutive left-wing comedian repeatedly trashed him on Twitter. The brouhaha erupted after Maher claimed that several survivors of […]

Trump retweets Clinton connection to Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘suicide,’ as Dems spread wild conspiracy

You just know President Donald Trump was trolling his media antagonists on Saturday with a pair of retweets tying billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s stunning death to the Clintons. […]

‘Heads must roll’: DOJ gets brunt of blame for Epstein’s apparent suicide. Barr is livid.

In a letter to Attorney General William Barr on Saturday, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) said, “The Department of Justice failed,” and “heads must roll” when it comes […]

Joe biden parkland
Joe Biden falsely claims he was VP during Parkland shooting. Trump goes for the jugular

Put a fork in Joe Biden. He’s done. President Donald Trump mocked the Democratic gaffe machine after he falsely claimed that he was vice president during the […]