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‘Outed’ Trump donors share deranged threats they’re getting in wake of Castro’s stunt

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Rep. Joaquin Castro’s stunt targeting Trump donors has been downplayed by the left but the repercussions are already being felt by the Texas constituents he exposed.

A woman on the Democrat’s list of San Antonio residents who have donated to President Donald Trump’s campaign revealed that she has been on the receiving end of a threatening, hate-filled voicemail.

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The explicit message was shared by KTRH News Radio and contains graphic language:

“I think you’re a scumbag and I f***ing despise everything you stand for … I am going to spread your information all over the Internet,” the caller threatened.

Castro, whose twin brother Julian Castro is running for president, tweeted out the list of names this week, accusing the Trump donors of “fueling a campaign of hate.”

The 44-year-old congressman excused the move after a firestorm of backlash, claiming he “didn’t make the graphic” that appeared in the tweet. He also ended up exposing some people who had actually financially helped him or his brother Julian Castro, a former Housing and Urban Development secretary.

And while the left continues its divisive rhetoric essentially blaming President Trump for the mass shootings last weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, a blind eye is turned to behavior like Castro’s that directly calls for action against anyone who ever contributed to the president’s campaign.

Trump called out the brother in a tweet Thursday.

Justin Herricks, the owner of Precision Pipe Rentals in San Antonio was inundated with calls before noon on Thursday after he was targeted by Castro’s tweet.

“I’ve had people say, ‘Hey, we were gonna use you for business, but we found out you’re a racist. We hope that you burn in hell and your business will go with you,'” Herricks told The New York Times.

Another Trump donor told “Fox & Friends” that he was “sick to my stomach” when he saw his name on Castro’s list, calling the Democrat’s attempt to link the president to the El Paso shooting “galling.”

Mark Hanrahan, CEO of MidAmerican Aerospace, said he refuses to be “bullied with slurs of racism.”

“I and a lot of other people that support the president, we’re not gonna be called racist and the other slurs without fighting back,” he said.

Twitter users slammed Castro’s actions and the fallout being felt by his targets.

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