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Biden makes confusing declaration ‘we chose truth over facts,’ the crowd gobbles it up

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Former Vice President Joe Biden’s attempted inspirational end to a speech in Iowa may have left some listeners scratching their heads.

The 2020 Democratic front-runner was closing out his speech at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday when he may have mixed up his words as he stirred up the crowd with his praise of the American spirit.

(Video: C-SPAN)

“It’s time to remember who in God’s name we are. This is the United States of America. There is nothing we’ve ever decided to do we’ve been unable to do. Period! That’s not hyperbole. We have never, never, never failed when we’re together,” Biden told the crowd.

“And ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get up. Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Even his supporters know who he is,” the Democratic hopeful continued.

“We got to let him know who we are. We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction,” he said. “We choose truth over facts.”

The adoring crowd gave an encouraging cheer despite his confusing choice of words.

The 76-year-old former vice president may not have slipped up and actually did mean to say “truth over facts,” but it may also have been a gaffe like several he has been making on the campaign trail. Speaking to donors at a fundraiser in San Diego, Biden confused the locations of last weekend’s mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, referring to them as “the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before.”

He later reportedly corrected his error, but it wasn’t his first.

In May, he confused the then-British Prime Minister Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher, the former British PM who left office in 1990. In closing comments during his Democratic presidential primary debate last month, Biden warned that “eight more years of Trump will change America in a fundamental way,” although Trump is limited to a four-year term after the 2020 election.

He also created confusion at the debate by asking supporters to “go to Joe 3-0-3-3-0,” though he probably meant for them to text “Joe” to the number 30330.

Biden, who spent over three decades in the U.S. Senate before serving eight years as vice president, continued his perplexing responses during a question and answer session following Thursday’s speech at the Iowa State Fair.

Asked to name his favorite historical figure who was not a president of the United States, Biden chose Thomas Jefferson – the nation’s third president.

“I think my favorite historical figure — there is a couple of philosophers who I find understood human nature better than most people,” Biden said.

“But in terms of political figures, maybe my favorite political figure, it is a tough call, I would have to say it is those people who gave America hope. Made them believe in who we are,” he added.

“You said not a president. I would have to start off with Jefferson, even though he didn’t live up to it. He is the guy that wrote that incredible document,” he said, referring to the Declaration of Independence.

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