Greg Gutfeld slams ‘ass’ Scarborough for incendiary rhetoric on Trump: Do you think you’re helping?

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld slammed MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough over his attacks on President Trump.

Gutfeld denounced the “Morning Joe” host as an “ass” for his rhetoric against the president and his supporters during a segment on Fox News’ “The Five” on Monday.

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His co-host on”The Five,” Jesse Watters, called out the “outrageous attack on Trump supporters” by MSNBC during a look at Democrats attempting to lay the blame for the weekend’s tragic mass shootings on the president.

Scarborough accused business leaders of funding “that man and his hate campaign,” slamming Trump and his “white supremacy” rhetoric.

“Well, that’s just despicable,” Watters said after the video played, pointing out that the shooter in Dayton, Ohio was not a white supremacist but, as the mainstream media has tried to play down, advocated for socialism and hated Trump.

“To say that Donald Trump inspired that guy is just a lie,” Watters, who also slammed the partisan media for ignoring facts about the El Paso, Texas shooter, exclaimed.

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“The problem with Scarborough, who is an ass, is that type of rhetoric goes both ways,” Gutfeld pointed out.

“He’s saying that Trump’s pointed language about illegal immigration incites this kind of violence. He’s never mentioned white supremacists, except to condemn it – that’s Trump,” Gutfeld added, though the left continues to falsely accuse the president of supporting white supremacists after a violent protest in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 turned deadly.

“Meanwhile, the drumbeat that half the country is racist, or half the country is a white supremacist because they support Trump,” he continued. “You could argue that is so fundamentally more dramatically inciting than anything you could come up with when you label half the country as white supremacists.”

“Do you think you are adding or subtracting to the problem?” he asked, referring to the MSNBC host.

“Scarborough is the problem. He is the one using elevated rhetoric, he’s the one who’s demonizing people. Trump condemns white supremacy, whenever he is asked,” Gutfeld asserted.

“As a matter of fact, CNN had the chief white supremacist of America on their air the other day. You know what he said?” Watters interjected.“He said white supremacists hate Donald Trump because Donald Trump’s not one of them.”

He went on to note the El Paso shooter’s “ideology,” explaining that “we are not getting the full story there from the media, no surprise.”

“Yes, he hated migrants. He was a segregationist, racial purist, total psycho. But also, he was an environmental extremist. He used the exact same talking points as you hear from radical environmental extremists, talking about the Earth is being polluted. Corporations are to blame. We need to depopulate the world. And that was also a motivating factor in the attack,” Watters said.

White House advisor Kellyanne Conway also slammed Democratic 2020 presidential candidates on Tuesday for blatantly accusing Trump of being responsible for the mass shootings.

“This crap has to stop,” she told reporters in the White House driveway, referring to Democratic 2020 contenders “screaming on TV” about Trump. “None of that’s going to be solved by them raising havoc or raising their profiles on TV just because they’re mired at zero percent or tied with the margin of error in the polls.”

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