Hannity, in tweetstorm, jumps in the middle of publicly feuding Fox News colleagues

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Sean Hannity stepped in to chide his Fox News colleagues in a late night tweetstorm after a war of words erupted between Steve Hilton and Brit Hume.

The Fox News host called out the men who had locked horns on Twitter over 2020 Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, asking after a series of tweets, “What happened to “No P}^*++= in the tent.”

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Hannity tagged Fox News anchor Brit Hume as well as Fox News host Steve Hilton in his tweet session, adding a link to the story about their online dispute over Biden which began when Hume tweeted his objection to Hilton’s tweet claiming that Biden was “totally corrupt.”

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The Fox News senior political analyst quoted from the Politico article Hilton had linked to which focused on how the Biden “family fortunes have closely tracked his political career,” noting that the article itself claims there is “no evidence that Joe Biden used his power inappropriately or took action to benefit his relatives with respect to these ventures.”

The host of “The Next Revolution” fired back at Hume, accusing him of being “in the Swamp too long if you think he is not corrupt!!!”

“If there’s plenty more evidence, why did you not cite some of that instead of an article that said there was no such evidence?” Hume asked in a follow-up tweet.

Hilton argued that the point was to “highlight” segments on Biden that had aired on his Fox News show.

Hume did not back down, however, suggesting Hilton use something more substantial to back up his accusations of corruption, adding that his defense “doesn’t exactly help your case.”

Enter Hannity who tried to establish some peace between his colleagues while calling out their public dispute.

“Most people would advise me to stay out of this, but I’m me. Here goes,” the “Hannity” host tweeted before launching into a long series of tweets in which he alternately tried to support Hilton’s premise while also calling on him to apologize to the well-respected Hume.

Hannity admitted he would have said things a bit differently than Hilton, but noted that there are still “serious issues that need to be investigated” related to Biden, suggesting some reading material while promising to forward some relevant reporting done on the topic.

Hannity brought his vent session to a close in a tweet tagging Mediaite and saying “enjoy.”

He concluded by reiterating his “deep respect” for Hume, even though he clearly disagreed with the Fox News anchor’s view on Biden.

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