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Protesters holding vulgar anti-ICE signs written in Spanish slang create scuffle at Trump rally

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Some things never change when President Donald Trump comes to town.

(Photo by Andrew Spear/Getty Images)

With Democrats pushing all-in on protecting illegal immigrants at the expense of U.S. citizens — see Baltimore — protesters interrupted the president’s rally Thursday night in Cincinnati to draw attention to their open-border stance.

Trump was speaking on illegal immigration when protesters first interrupted.

“Democratic lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents. They put foreign citizens before American citizens,” the president said.


At this point, a protester held up a white sheet that read, “Immigrants built America” — it being instructive that it was a liberal white female holding up the sign.

But there was a second message, either on the backside or possibly a second sheet, that read “Chinga La Migra.”

This term is generally understood as Spanish slang that means “F*ck Border Patrol” or the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

One rally goer tried to rip the sign away from the left-wing zealot as law enforcement was slow to react. With law enforcement slow to respond, the group of about three or four protesters antagonized Trump supporters by cursing them and flipping them off.

Another protester had a sheet cut to represent bars, as if to portray illegal immigrant children being held in cages.

CNN’s Trump-hating White House correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted a video of the incident to report: “Scuffle breaks out in Trump crowd after protesters held up ‘immigrants built America’ sign. Trump supporters tried to rip the sign out of their hands.”

He doesn’t mention the “F*ck Border Patrol” sign.

Ryan Fournier, who heads up the group “Students for Trump,” was happy to clue in the CNN journalist.

A massive crowd turned out to see the president Thursday evening, waiting in huge lines for hours — it seems the more the media hates on Trump, the more Americans gravitate to him.

The liberal media opted to point out that while waiting for authorities to remove the left-wing troublemakers, Trump “checks with someone in the audience to make sure Cincinnati has a Democratic mayor.”

The point apparently being to ridicule the president, though it appears he’s repeating what someone is saying to him, for clarity.

But Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., won the award for stupidest tweet of the day, responding to Acosta’s tweet to say that Ohio “was literally discovered by an immigrant,” which is sure to come as a surprise to the Native Americans living there when the “immigrant” arrived.

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