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CNN teases ‘research’ that’s such a race-baiting mess, Don Jr asks if the network’s been hacked

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It’s hard – at this point – for CNN to out-do themselves when it comes to ridiculous, contrived hot-takes. From Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon claiming that Trump’s reinstatement of the death penalty is racially motivated, to giving white nationalist Richard Spencer airtime in an effort to “own” the president, the mainstream media network is working hard to keep our expectations low.

That being said, they can still toss out a gem or two on occasion, and today happened to be the lucky day for that.

In a head-scratching mess of an attempt at race-baiting, CNN tweeted about – what else? – racism hidden in robots.

“Have you ever noticed the popularity of white robots?” CNN asks.” “The reason for these shades of technological white may be racism, according to new research.”

It was such a reach that even the president’s son had to ask if the international news network had been hacked.

Twitter was similarly unkind to the story, which implied that human biases have been pushed onto robots.

But if you think CNN has cornered the market on outrageously unbelievable stories that are an Olympic-level reach, you would be wrong. The Washington Post is competing for the title of “Most WTF Story of the Year” and they’ve put up a pretty strong contender.

Attacking Trump has yet to end in victory for the Post, so the next best thing is to attack his diet by attempting to link some of his favorite foods to Russia. This is the kind of “investigative journalism” that Walter Cronkite would love to see.

But regardless of whether it’s CNN or Washington Post, or some other similarly upset rag, it’s clear that Trump and the support for him seen around the nation has driven these outlets to the brink of insanity.


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