Dem candidates make GOP’s work easy as pie with these ad-worthy attacks on each other

The Republican Party doesn’t have to get very creative in countering the Democratic Party presidential front-runners, all they have to do is play the words of the […]

Man donated mother’s body to Alzheimer’s research, discovers it was sold to Military, blown up in ‘blast test’

Five years ago, an Arizona woman by the name of Doris Stauffer, 73, died from symptoms of Alzheimer’s, despite tests having shown that she didn’t carry the […]

‘The only thing missing was the Cuban national anthem’: Sen. Kennedy roasted Dems for debate ruse

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., summed up Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate in seven succinct words: “The only thing missing was the Cuban national anthem.” The CNN debate promised […]

Frustrated Juan Williams can’t see why all 4 co-hosts are against him: ‘This is such a deep echo chamber’

Juan Williams butted heads with his Fox News co-hosts on “The Five” when discussing — what else? — President Donald Trump’s recent tweets targeting Rep. Elijah Cummings […]

More infighting: Sanders campaign accuses Dem Claire McCaskill of using ‘racial dog whistles’

It’s always enjoyable to see the left eat its own, especially when it comes to their liberal application of the race card. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ national press […]

NYPD holds presser announcing decisive action on water attacks, slams de Blasio for dragging his feet

Watch the latest video at During a press conference, Wednesday morning, two Republican legislators and their allies within the New York City Police Department unveiled a […]

Cummings blows off Baltimore HUD tour with Ben Carson, who compares city to patient with ‘cancer’

As if to prove President Donald Trump’s points about his ineffectiveness as a leader, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) skipped out on an offer to tour a Baltimore […]

‘Wow!’ Trump responds after federal judge tosses DNC lawsuit on Russian election interference against campaign

President Donald Trump is celebrating yet another legal victory as word comes down that a federal judge has officially dismissed a lawsuit filed by the DNC against […]

Tucker to Dems: ‘Americans will always pick a flawed leader over a leader who openly hates them … ‘

  Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at the Democratic Party and its identity crisis, arguing that the “garbage” it is currently espousing is not what […]

Calif gov signs bill requiring release of Trump’s tax returns to get on 2020 ballot, despite risk to Dems

  While trying to mess with President Donald Trump, far-left California Gov. Gavin Newsom wound up accidentally almost messing up 2020 contender former Vice President Joe Biden. […]

Joy Behar: Racism doesn’t end ‘until black people are running everything’

  It’s a scary concept to think that some Americans form their political opinions on the likes of alleged comedian Joy Behar, who declared on Tuesday that […]

trump C Span
Trump tells C-Span why he’s upset with John Roberts and Fox News

President Donald Trump called out the media’s anti-Trump bias, and says that if the press covered him fairly, he wouldn’t need to tweet as often as he […]