Marianne Williamson informs child about her dead cat in most awkward exchange of debate night

Following what was largely seen as a successful night for her, Marianne Williamson took a question from Jeffery Kraft, a budding young journalist with KidScoop Media in the post-debate “Spin Room.”

The question itself was innocent enough: “Do you have a pet?” This kind of thing is important for kids, you see.

Williamson responded in a way that seemed to take the question from cute to positively morbid.

“Do I have a pet?” Williamson repeated. “I had a cat and the cat died.”

The bizarre answer led to a quite awkward pause between the youth and the Democratic presidential candidate. Video of the incident was posted by Philip Crowther, International Affiliate Reporter with the Associated Press.

Luckily, Williamson appeared to be able to bring the mood back up when asked a follow up question about what kind of pet she would have if she won the presidency.

“I love cats but I had a dog when I was a child,” she answered, slightly more appropriately. “The White House is very big. Theoretically, you can have a cat and a dog, because it’s a big house.”

It is absolutely hilarious that this woman not 10 minutes before stood on stage with the biggest names of the Democrat party and went toe-to-toe with them on policy and politics, but got tripped up on a question about her cat. And it’s not even like she attempted to sugar coat the real answer by saying “but Fluffy went over the rainbow bridge.” She actually just straight-up told a child that her pet had died.

Despite this monumental (yet amusing) PR disaster, Williamson did have some admittedly solid moments on the debate stage, where she appeared to be at least somewhat more prepared for the questions. Despite using phrases like “dark psychic force,” she was the most Googled candidate on Tuesday night. And while she attempted to turn a discussion on “environmental justice” into a monologue about racial divisions, Williamson successfully achieved more camera time and more recognition than the first debate.

The quirky spiritual advisor has become something of an internet sensation, and while it’s fun to poke fun at her for accidentally exposing a child to the mortality of pets, it’s also worth remembering that she supports $200-500 billion (yes with a “b”) in reparations if she’s elected. That makes her more dangerous than her tendency to tell the harsh truths of life at the inopportune time.


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