Popular Christian author renounces faith, apologizes to LGBTQ community in announcement that gets mixed reactions

Author Joshua Harris is saying goodbye to his Christian faith. Harris, an author known for pushing purity culture and religion to many millennials, took to Instagram over […]

Expert, Hillary supporter warns Congress Google manipulated millions of votes for Dems in 2016, will ‘go all out’ in 2020

Dr. Robert Epstein, a liberal professor and self-avowed “strong public supporter of Hillary Clinton,” testified recently before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and gave a startling […]

Baseball team manager defends Blue Lives Matter patch on player’s jerseys

The general manager of a Maryland minor league baseball team shut down an effort to stir up a controversy over a team jersey. The Abderdeen IronBirds, a Class […]

Pro-Trump activist brilliantly organizes trash clean up day in Baltimore – wear MAGA hats!

A conservative activist just threw down a challenge to liberals who are up in arms about President Trump’s recent remarks about Baltimore. As Democrats and the talking […]

4 ideas Democrats running for president have embraced that could end America as we know it

OPINION: John Hawkins There is no shortage of extremely bad ideas that have been embraced by some or all in the Democratic field. Reparations, guaranteed income, guaranteed […]

County Democrats compare MAGA hats to KKK hoods in chilling post

An Illinois Democrat group came under fire for posting, then deleting a meme that compared Make America Great Again hats to Ku Klux Klan hoods. The Kankakee County […]

Meanwhile, over at MSNBC … Trump’s Cummings tweets could lead to ‘horrible civil war’

There have been some fairly ridiculous reactions from leftists to President Donald Trump’s tweets criticizing Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), but the worst of them may have been […]

Harris shines up her size large flip flops in preparation for debate

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) flops around on policy so much in her presidential run you’d think she was a fish out of water. The top-tier candidate was one […]

US Senator personally escorts 8 1/2 months pregnant Mexican woman and her family into US

With teams of open-border lawyers and some of America’s largest newspapers camped on the southern border, eager to run interference for illegal immigrants, what more do migrants […]

Rapper Cardi B compares cops to children, says they ‘can get away with killing a black man’ as long as Trump is president

No matter the lack of evidence, leftists refuse to give up on their belief that President Donald Trump is a racist. In a bizarre rant posted to […]

Ranting ex-newswoman April Ryan blames Trump for not helping hurting Baltimore. He just did.

American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan has unloaded a ridiculous attack against President Donald Trump, essentially blaming him for the problems in the Democrat-run city of Baltimore. […]

grabs from https://youtu.be/oBq8Le7290Y and https://youtu.be/w1B9hrgEjsc
Trump drops a few secrets about ‘con man’ Sharpton, who ‘hates whites & cops’ and they’re off to the races!

Professional opportunist Al Sharpton put the word out on Sunday night that he would be in Baltimore on Monday “to address Trump’s racist remarks re. Baltimore.” President […]