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Alyssa Milano goes after pro-lifers for being ok with putting child murderers and rapists to death

(Screenshot from @Alyssa_Milano Twitter account)

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“Charmed” actress Alyssa Milano is more politically involved than ever, but she also seems to suffer from a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The actress blasted the Trump administration in a recent Twitter spat over the announcement that a handful of executions would take place, while also going after a pro-life user’s “bulls***.”

Things kicked off with Milano responding to an authoritarian tweet from the big government-loving Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

“As president, I will give Congress 100 days to get their act together and pass reasonable gun safety laws. If they don’t, I will take executive action. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We need action,” Harris tweeted.

Milano responded by tweeting a “thank you” to Harris for her empty rhetoric.

“No more complacency. This is what Obama should have done after Sandy Hook when 20 children and 6 adults were murdered violently. Thank you, @KamalaHarris. Thank you,” Milano tweeted.

One Twitter user decided to step in and call out Milano’s hypocrisy.

“Murdered like ya PLANNED PARENTHOOD? Murdered like THAT? Is that what you mean?” the user tweeted to the “Commando” actress.


Milano then proved just how badly she suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome when she responded.

“Your administration just reinstated the death penalty and scheduled 5 executions of *actual* people. You’ve lost the right to pull your, ‘pro-life’ narrative-talking-point- bulls*** with me,” Milano tweeted.

Source: Fox News

Yes. You read that correctly. Alyssa Milano compared the death of unborn children to the death of convicted murderers. There really is no difference in her mind.

Here’s the tweet that should be used from this point forward to dismiss any and all political opinions from Milano:

The hypocrisy was clear to many Twitter users too who immediately started calling the actress out.

“Are you actually comparing the lives of convicted rapists and murderers to those of innocent, unborn children? Is that REALLY the dumb a** comparison you’re making right here?” actress and model Mindy Robinson pointed out.


“I’m no fan of the death penalty but you are way off base comparing execution of convicted adult murderers to execution of completely innocent babies only weeks away from their birth days,” one user wrote.

Another responded, “I’m pro-life and anti-death-penalty and you can’t pull this garbage argument on me. Also, there are reasons to be pro life and for the death penalty, but you are so lacking in logic and intelligence you *actually* think this is a good response.”

“Unborn babies DO NOT commit crimes….” another replied.

Comedian Tim Young responded, “Have you ever actually read the cases of what crimes people committed that led them to be sentenced to death? Equating the awful things that convicted murderers did to deserve their sentence to unborn children is… not quite the same thing.”

Check out more reactions below:


And if you think Milano was not reading the replies, she did respond to one liberal user.

“Real live breathing humans are not as useful as fictional ‘murdered babies’ in this regime. Fear and faux outrage is much more useful,” the user wrote.

Milano simply responded, “Right.”

The fact that she responded to that user and likely read some of the other replies should be even more concerning than her original thought. This means that even when presented with logical alternative opinions and facts, the liberal actress still clings desperately to her Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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