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‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell’s Russia security snub nearly sends Joe Scarborough over the edge

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Joe Scarborough set a new hashtag trending when he unleashed an explosive tirade against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The MSNBC host, who has apparently been having a hard time coping with this week’s disastrous Robert Mueller testimony, vented his frustrations at the Kentucky Republican who has sent Democrats into a spiral after blocking two election security bills Thursday, calling them out as “partisan legislation.”

(Video: MSNBC)

Scarborough blasted McConnell on “Morning Joe” Friday, using the nickname “Moscow Mitch” more than a dozen times in his rant, accusing the GOP leader of  “un-American” behavior and of “aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin.”

“Moscow Mitch blocks two bills that would actually protect us from a Russian invasion,” The MSNBC host said, soon setting the hashtag #MoscowMitch trending on Twitter.

Scarborough argued that the senator was refusing to act on dangers the Republican-appointed leaders of the “FBI, CIA, DNI, Intel committee” have agreed on about Russian election interference, citing a report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by GOP Sen. Richard Burr, which found “unprecedented” levels of Russian cyber activity against U.S. election systems ahead of the 2016 election.

Scarborough rattled off examples of Russian interference reported by government agencies before exclaiming,  “Moscow Mitch calls it a hoax!”

“How can Moscow Mitch so willingly turn a blind eye not only this year to what his Republican chairman of the Intel Committee is saying, to what Robert Mueller is saying, to what the FBI director is saying, to what the DNI [director of national intelligence] is saying, to what the CIA is saying, to what the United States military intel community is saying,” Scarborough asked.

“How can Moscow Mitch keep denying that Vladimir Putin continues to try to subvert American democracy?” he added, referring to the Russian president.

He even suggested McConnell could be reaping some kind of benefit from a Russian oligarch’s investment in his home state of Kentucky.

“I understand that there’s an oligarch that I have read is going to be setting up a big aluminum plant in Moscow Mitch’s home state,” he said.

“Seriously, he is — he is aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin’s ongoing attempts to subvert American democracy,” he continued, getting more agitated. “According to the Republican FBI, CIA, DNI, Intel committee, all Republicans are all saying Russia is subverting American democracy and Moscow Mitch won’t even let the Senate take a vote on it. That is un-American!”

Just one day before, Scarborough had unleashed on President Trump during a “Morning Joe” segment, calling on Democrats to deal with the president by getting “in his face” and doing “whatever it takes to win” against him in 2020.

His tirade against McConnell Friday sparked thousands of tweets in response as #MoscowMitch took off on social media where the Republican leader already is the subject of other memes and nicknames, such as “CocaineMitch.

Plenty of other Twitter users, however, refused to buy what Scarborough was selling.

Frieda Powers


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