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Forever 21 ‘Fake News’ bike shorts trigger libs, promptly sell out online

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A pair of graphic shorts with a “Fake News” print have sold out online after sparking a meltdown from liberal journalists.

The bike shorts, offered as part of a line of clothing with the controversial catchphrase, were offered by Forever 21 clothing stores.

(Image: screenshot Forever 21)

The shorts appeared to sell out on the Forever 21 website soon after they were offered.

Despite the connotations of the phrase, popularized by President Donald Trump when he calls out news organizations that do not accurately deliver unbiased reporting on news stories, the shorts were apparently a hit with shoppers.

But, following hot on the heels of Macy’s politically incorrect gaffe with “fat-shaming” dinner plates, Forever 21’s offering poked liberals the wrong way again.

“Oh, no! This is terrible. This is not funny, cute or fashionable @Forever 21. Why are you selling this product?” the Baltimore Sun’s Pamela Wood tweeted.

Wood was apparently responding to a critical tweet from Katherine Fominykh, a sports writer for the Capital Gazette.

“Turns out, all you need to express your hatred for journalists in clothing form,” she tweeted.

The Capital-Gazette was targeted by a gunman last year who opened fire in the newsroom’s office in Annapolis, Maryland, killing 5 employees.

Wood followed up in another tweet, adding that the clothing company “has a right to sell this product,” but that she has the “right to offer my opinion on the product and to question the company’s choice to sell it.”

Earlier this year, Bloomingdale’s pulled a “Fake News” T-shirt after one complaint sparked a backlash. Macy’s caved in to offended Twitter users this week who raised the alarm over the plates potentially encouraging eating disorders.

Reports that the shorts had sold out on Forever 21’s website was welcome news for Fominykh.

But, the left’s meltdown provided plenty of opportunity for mockery on Twitter – and an added boost of publicity for Forever 21.

Frieda Powers


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