Georgia state rep. backtracks on her backtrack over what was said by white man in checkout line

Georgia state Rep. Erica Thomas is proving it a challenge to keep up with her claim of being verbally attacked by a “white man” in a grocery store.

The African-American lawmaker denied she had backtracked on her story last week when she claimed she was confronted by a white man in a Publix grocery store who told her to “go back to where you came from.”

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Thomas held a press conference Monday to clarify that she was not retracting any of her allegations and urged police to file charges against the man who “verbally assaulted” her, Eric Sparkes, a registered Democrat of Cuban ancestry.

“Today I’m here to be very clear about what happened Friday: I want to make sure that everyone knows I’m not backtracking on my statement or retracting anything I said,” the lawmaker said.

She doubled down on her initial story, saying that “He said, ‘Go back where you came from!’ … and after that he kept harassing me.”

The whirlwind of accusations and counter arguments have gone viral on social media where Thomas first shared her story of what allegedly transpired on the grocery checkout line.

The pregnant lawmaker tweeted an emotionally-charged video giving an account of what happened.

But Sparkes denied Thomas’ version of the story and accused her of “playing the victim for political purposes.”

“I’m a Democrat and will vote Democrat for the rest of my life, so call me whatever you want to believe,” he continued. “For her political purposes, make it black, white, brown, whatever. It is untrue.”

After the initial story took off amid the attacks on President Trump for alleged racist comments, Thomas seemed to change some of the narrative.

“I was embarrassed. I was scared for my life. He left the grocery store and came back in to tell me a piece of his mind. … I’m fearing for my life about what I’ve seen all over this country,” she said on Monday, apparently walking back that she walked back her comments.

America tried hard to follow the thread as Thomas stood her ground during Monday’s press conference.

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