Ex-Obama attorney apologizes for tweet falsely claiming Fox News won’t be covering Mueller hearing

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Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance apologized for a since-deleted tweet claiming Fox News would not be airing Robert Mueller’s upcoming testimony.

Vance, the former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama who served under President Obama, explained that she meant the tweet on Sunday to be ironic but deleted it to avoid confusion.

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“Fox isn’t showing Mueller’s testimony Wednesday. Trump is afraid of what will happen if his base gets to hear Mueller’s testimony for themselves,” Vance initially tweeted, according to screenshots.

Her comment drew some confused reactions as there was no accompanying report or source for her information.

Hours later, she tweeted again, clarifying that she had been joking.

“Y’all, a kind friend pointed out my goofy sense of humor doesn’t always translate onto Twitter. I know most of you get the irony by now. It will be interesting to see Fox’s coverage in light of Trump’s statement he won’t be watching the hearing,” the MSNBC contributor tweeted ahead of deleting the original comment.

Vance later apologized and deleted the tweet altogether, noting it was a better choice than to be “unintentionally misinforming people.”

Mueller is set to appear before both the House Intelligence and House Judiciary Committees on Wednesday, July 24.  Fox News anchor Bret Baier noted that his network had always planned to air the former special counsel’s testimony.

Vance responded to Baier, noting “one of the risks of Twitter” in trying to be funny.

While Fox News will be joining many other networks in covering Mueller’s testimony about his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, President Trump will not be tuning in.

“It’s a disgrace. No other president should have to go through it,” Trump told reporters Friday about the House vote that stopped an impeachment resolution. “As far as I’m concerned, they already took their impeachment vote, and the impeachment vote was so lopsided, it was a massive victory.”

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“At some point they have to stop playing games,” Trump said. “They’re just playing games. You know, I won’t be watching Mueller.”

And while Vance attempted to dismiss her initial tweet as a failed attempt at humor, many Twitter users were not buying what she was selling.

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