Buzz Aldrin took Holy Communion, read Bible verse on moon, says let’s ‘Keep America Great In Space!’

As the United States of America celebrates the 50th anniversary of our historic moon landing, we are looking at the two men at the heart of that […]

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‘The View’ divas become apoplectic when Rubio won’t bow, McCain makes even harder turn left

  Bitter RINO Meghan McCain lives for the express purpose of seeing Donald Trump go down in flames, and on Friday’s episode of “The View,” she seized […]

After several attempts, determined veteran climbs flagpole to fix American flag at Navy SEAL monument

If you thought that climbing a rope back in high school gym class was difficult, wait til you see what Navy SEAL veteran Dom Raso was forced to […]

Film version of ‘Cats’ trailer leaves people hissing over ‘whitewashing’ of black star

A new live-action film version of “Cats” has caused a furor months before its expected release. The film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s original musical was teased in […]

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Professor’s argument that US is better off with ‘fewer nonwhites’ misunderstood, twisted to sound racist?

A University of Pennsylvania professor, Amy Wax, is under fire for alleged comments made during a conservative conference a week ago, and the college is being pressured […]

Buckets of fake blood dumped at ICE facility in protest

Less than a week after a left-wing extremist attempted to fire-bomb a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, another group of left-wing extremists showed […]

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Anderson Cooper attacks Lara Trump for her explanation of rally chant: ‘She’s just freaking lying!’

The never-ending CNN offensive on all things Trump continued apace Friday night with Anderson Cooper wailing on and on about the “send her back” chant heard during […]

Journalist goes to Somalia, Omar’s homeland, to prove it’s safe and beautiful, is murdered by terrorists

Last year, a Somalian immigrant whose family had resettled in Canada when she was a child in the mid 1980s returned “home” to Somalia specifically to document […]

Hannity speaks to Iran: I know President Trump. He is not weak. ‘If he decides to act … you will lose.’

Sean Hannity had a word of caution for the “rogue regime of Iran,” and warned that its current aggressive behavior would be dealt with swiftly by President Trump. […]

Fla Dem dropout confesses she made up story about being a doctor, treating Pulse nightclub victims

A Florida Democrat who recently dropped out of the race for a seat in the state’s House of Representatives admits that she lied when she claimed that she […]