‘Send Him Back’: Virginia House Democrats vow to boycott event if President Trump attends

Democrats in Virginia have declared they will snub the President of the United States if he attends a commemorative event scheduled for later this month. The White […]

7 Disturbing episodes of Left-wing violence that have occurred since Trump was elected

OPINION: BY JOHN HAWKINS Left-wing radicalism and violence is nothing new. Just as Democrats in the KKK that thought they were justified in lynching black men who supported […]

Happy now? Left’s hysteria encourages world leaders to bash American president over chants

Liberal world leaders have never been a fan of President Trump, but lately they appear to be taking cues from our own media, outright mocking our president […]

Melania Trump ranks third most admired woman in US, beats Hillary Clinton

Despite years of crude attacks on her and her family by congressional Democrats, Hollywood and the mainstream media, first lady Melania Trump is now the third most admired […]

House Republicans going after Nellie Ohr’s oppo research on Trump’s family, sources say

Chuck Ross, DCNF House Republicans are requesting Nellie Ohr’s research into President Donald Trump’s family members, according to Fox News. Ohr, whose husband is a top DOJ […]

Dem-run city in NY ends up with two mayors, causing police commissioner to spend 9 hours in jail, arrested by own officers

Political chaos is raging thanks to Democrats in a New York town that currently has two mayors, each claiming to be in charge. And the dispute over […]

Karma: 20-year-old who drove through barbed-wire to vandalize Trump sign leaves BIG chunk of evidence

Critics of President Donald Trump are not always the brightest. A 20-year-old anti-Trumper in Georgia is facing criminal charges after vandalizing a Donald Trump 2020 reelection sign. (Video: […]

Hacker sends anti-cop tweets from UK police department’s Twitter. Trump just can’t resist …

President Donald Trump was quick early Saturday morning to capitalize on his arch-nemesis, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, losing control of his city’s Internet account. Friday afternoon, the official […]

School district unrepentant after telling parents: Pay up for lunch, or kids may be sent to foster care

While the rude, belligerent and impatient debt collectors who sometimes harass Americans about money owed are a royal pain, at least they don’t have a habit of […]

Kyrsten Sinema and two other Dems join Republican senators in push to expedite certain deportations

Nine senators signed a letter sent to acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan on Wednesday that proposed a pilot program enabling swift deportation of migrants with invalid […]

The Supreme Court signals it might overturn deceased Justice Stevens’ landmark decision

Kevin Daley, DCNF Late Justice John Paul Stevens left a far-reaching legal legacy in his 34 years on the Supreme Court, writing landmark decisions on presidential powers, […]

Dem Senator calls to punch Trump ‘in the face,’ then demands end to ‘hateful rhetoric’

A Democratic senator from Montana has a strong view of what beating President Donald Trump in 2020 should look like for his party. Sen. Jon Tester urged Democrats […]