Woman furious when she discovers female bare-breasted photo-bomber in grieving family photos

A prank by a complete stranger ruined a memory-making trip for a grieving Texas family.

The family’s weekend trip to a state park in honor of a deceased relative was forever marked by a photo-bomber who exposed her breast in the background of a group photo.

(Video: KTRK-TV)

“Boob, nipple, everything,” Monica Davila of Cypress told KTRK-TV.  “We’re trying to recreate memories. Having some chick’s boob isn’t allowing us to do that.”

Davila did not notice the photo-bomb until Monday when she looked over the images from her family’s trip to Garner State Park over the weekend, an outing meant to bring the family together after the passing of her husband’s grandmother.

“(We) had no idea that was going on,” she said of the picture of her family along with a smiling woman in the background who had lifted her shirt to flash her breast.

“I just feel completely disrespected,” Davila told KTRK. “I just think this person should be held accountable. What she did was wrong. There were kids there watching her.”

She thought the incident was serious enough to call the Uvalde Police Department to file a report. She also took to Facebook in an effort to bring attention to the woman and hold her accountable.

“Me personally, I think this is a big deal,” Davila said. “Let’s make this go viral so that she can be embarrassed.”

Although no arrests have been made as of yet, the police told Davila that they were “interested in following this through,” according to KTRK.

The post has generated hundreds of comments with social media users disagreeing over the incident.

“I’ve had criticism on both sides, people are like, ‘Who cares, it’s just a boob,’ but I care,” Davila said.

Twitter users clashed over photo, some condemning the unknown flasher and society in general while others thought everyone should just lighten up, including Davila.

Frieda Powers


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