Disney heiress ‘livid’ over worker conditions, calls out lib chief Bob Iger after reportedly going ‘undercover’

Heiress Abigail Disney is claiming she went undercover at Disneyland in California and was livid over what she learned. Abigail, granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, who co-founded The […]

Boston facing lawsuit after banning Christian flag-raising over city hall, while 284 others are approved

Refusing to allow a Christian flag to be flown at city hall has landed the city of Boston, Mass. in a federal lawsuit. A group is suing […]

Liz Cheney rolls out laundry list of anti-American policies espoused by ‘freshman 4’ in brutal take down

Rep. Elizabeth Cheney slammed her “socialist colleagues” and other Democrats attacking President Trump for being “wrong” on a myriad of issues, including calling the president of the […]

Democrat’s inflammatory rhetoric fueled attempted terror attack on ICE facility, says CBP chief

An attempted terror attack on a government detainment facility in Tacoma, Washington is now being laid at the feet of the Democrat’s whose sense of hyperbole is […]

Pressley proves it’s all about race: ‘We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice’

The “squad” of four radical freshman Democrats have a dangerous habit of wanting to dictate what is or isn’t acceptable in American politics, mandates made by those […]

Woman furious when she discovers female bare-breasted photo-bomber in grieving family photos

A prank by a complete stranger ruined a memory-making trip for a grieving Texas family. The family’s weekend trip to a state park in honor of a […]

Kevin McCarthy defies outrage mob, won’t call Trump’s tweets racist; lays down what it’s really about

While the media and progressive lawmakers are desperately calling on everyone with a heartbeat to denounce Trump as some sort of vile racist who hates women of […]

US soccer star accused of ‘displacement’ when she inexplicably lashes out at ‘snubbed’ Christian player

Only a week after members of the U.S. women’s soccer team embarrassed themselves by behaving like obnoxious brats during a New York City parade in their honor, […]

Peter Thiel unimpressed with 2020 Dem field, but admits one ‘dangerous’ contender has him ‘most scared’

Billionaire Peter Thiel may find the nearly two dozen 2020 Democratic contenders “unimpressive” but one, in particular, has him “scared.” The Trump-supporting Silicon Valley investor and co-founder […]

Congress members reportedly ‘stunned’ and ‘dismissive’ when asked to help unload aid for border migrants

The pro-life movement catches a lot of unfair criticism from the left about not caring for children once they’ve been born. There is a heinous rumor being […]

Unapologetic Latina border agent dubbed ‘ICE bae’ becomes all the rage on social media

  A Latina female officer providing security for Vice President Mike Pence during his recent visit to migrant detention facilities on the border is quickly becoming all […]

AOC leads radical ‘squad’ of freshmen Dems in refusing to condemn Antifa attack on ICE facility

With the news that activist Willem Van Spronsen declared himself a member of the domestic terrorist group Antifa in a manifesto he left behind after being killed […]

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