Emotional liberal woman scared to death of black man in MAGA hat reveals so much in her drama show

A video capturing an exchange between a young liberal woman and a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat has taken social media by storm, but you’ll be excused if at first glance you think it’s a spoof.

While it may be reminiscent of a Saturday Live skit, it is oh so real as the woman with a shaved head a tattoo on her skull explains to David Harris, a black man, how the MAGA hat makes people feel.

“Think about your hat and the way it makes people feel,” she tell him in the video that has been viewed 1.26 million times. “Because it incites fear in all those around us.”

“Every person is afraid of that hat,” the woman says sincerely, before beginning to cry. “I am afraid of that hat!”

“For so many people, that’s racism,” she tells him, after reading the words on the MAGA hat.

Harris calmly explains how she has been led to believe that.

“That’s because of the mainstream media’s narrative that’s painted Donald Trump as a racist,” he said. “I don’t agree with that narrative. I’m out here to share that that narrative is skewed.”

The woman counters with logic that’s become mainstream on the left today, as bizarre as it truly is.

“But as a human being, we should pay attention to fear and not logic,” she says.

A reasoned mind will immediately think she must be kidding, but she’s not. Repeating her words back to her, Harris asked, “I should pay attention to emotions and not facts?”

“Yes!” she cried.

“Emotions are the only thing that is real in this world,” she explained.

“Facts are facts,” he counters.

“No. Emotions are real,” she insisted. “Emotions is one removed from spirit.”

And while such gobbledygook may be accepted on the vast majority of college campuses in America as enlightened thought, praised in progressive circles, it’s an indication of how lost the current generation of young Americans are.

But she wasn’t finished with her display of ignorance.

When a young MAGA-hat wearing woman told the liberal she should not trust the mainstream media, that she should discern the truth for herself, the woman about flipped.

“What media then do you suggest? she asked incredulously. “That is saying don’t trust knowledge, operate in darkness!”

Never mind that just seconds before she declared that emotion was more important than fact and logic. In fact, when she was told to look up facts on her own, it triggered a repeat of a mantra she likely picked up from some liberal professor.

“Emotion is fact. Emotion is real,” she said, the circular logic employed enough to give one a headache.

Here’s a sampling of responses that may be best summed up in the first tweet: “I…she…the…what?”

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