Hannity invites AOC to appear on his show for full hour, Ingraham tells him not to hold his breath

There’s a peculiar trend with insufferable socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., that being that she’s challenged more and more to debate notable figures on the right and back up her nonsensical claims and assertions, yet never agrees to do so.

The latest example of this took place Thursday night, when Fox News host Sean Hannity extended a sincere invitation to Ocasio-Cortez to appear on his show — he offered to give the 29-year-old former bartender the entire hour of the show.

“I’m going to extend tonight an offer to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Hannity said at the end of Thursday’s show. “I know she watches. She’s on Twitter, she tweets about the show. I want to give you an hour.”


Given Hannity’s rating, you might think the grandstanding progressive Democrat would take him up on the offer. In an effort to sweeten the deal, Hannity threw in a full three hours on his talk radio program.

“You get a lot of criticism on this program, we’ll talk, we’ll have a conversation,” Hannity said, speaking directly to Ocasio-Cortez. “Hope you’ll join us.”

For the record, Ocasio-Cortez has appeared mulptiple times on MSNBC and CNN, but has never appeared on Fox News.

In handing off to colleague Laura Ingraham, Hannity asked, “I think that is a good offer, wouldn’t you take it?”

Ingraham reminded her colleague that she has extended the same offer, only to hear crickets.

“Yeah, I think we might have done the same thing, I don’t know, a couple months ago. But no luck yet,” she said.

Back in March, Hannity called Ocasio-Cortez a “Democratic genius” and said she was “the person that’s really leading the Democratic party.”

“Pelosi now presides over what is the most radical, extreme group of socialist Democrats that have ever existed,” he said on his show. “She knows her power is in jeopardy every day. She’ll go with their every whim.”

Ingraham said back in January that Ocasio-Cortez’s meteoric rise has been “really impressive” and said on air “we called her” — it’s not clear if she was speaking about herself or her show in general.

This coming in response to quest Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, telling Ingraham she should invite Ocasio-Cortez to come onto her show.


“We called her. We tried to get in touch with her, but I haven’t heard back. We’d love to have you on,” she said into the camera. “We’d have a good conversation, actually.”

Ingraham has earlier commented on how Ocasio-Cortez defeated then-Democratic incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in the primary.

“I kind of like the fact that she’s like, ‘You guys lost to Trump. I’m going to help take this party in a new direction.’ I kind of admire that,” the Fox News host said.

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