Dershowitz breaks silence on ‘politically motivated’ Epstein indictment: ‘I just didn’t know the person at all’

Alan Dershowitz finally spoke out about the Jeffrey Epstein case and said he believes that allegations made against him have been politically motivated. The Harvard law professor […]

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Journo orgs that claim to protect freedom of the press still silent on brutal Andy Ngo attack by Antifa

In the Antifa stronghold of Portland, Oregon, on June 29, journalist Andy Ngo suffered a brutal beating that resulted in a life-threatening brain hemorrhage. Mainstream news coverage […]

Unearthed tweet deemed ‘anti-Semitic’ from Elizabeth Warren staffer raises serious questions

Anti-Semitism appears to be spreading through the Democrat Party faster than the Ebola virus. Only two months after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose a militant anti-Semitic imam […]

Trey Gowdy predicts hearing with Mueller will be nothing more than a pathetic Democrat ‘freak show’

Former congressman Trey Gowdy predicts next week’s hearing with Robert Mueller will be a “freak show.” He also believes that not much new will come from the former […]

Fox News reaps record-breaking 4th of July ratings bonanza as competitors snub Trump’s epic speech

The decision by ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC not to provide live coverage of President Donald Trump‘s Fourth of July “Salute to America” speech gave Fox News Channel a […]

Fla fisherman heaps praise on Trump for environmental policies that helped his struggling business

With the overwhelmingly negative media coverage of President Donald Trump, his accomplishments in office often don’t see much light when it comes to the nightly news, be […]

‘Coach of the year’! Hockey coach telling players consequences of disrespecting national anthem goes viral

An online video of an unidentified hockey coach informing his team of where he stands when it comes to showing respect for the national anthem, be it […]

Former WH aide rips Biden for informal ‘Barack’ name-dropping, says it ‘borders on disrespectful’

Political commentator Keith Boykin has an issue with Joe Biden. The author and former White House aide to President Bill Clinton called out the 2020 presidential candidate during […]

BET founder and longtime Democrat praises Trump, says Dem Party ‘has moved too far to the left’

Media mogul Robert Johnson has been a longtime Democrat but now says the party’s slide to the left has turned him off. The founder of Black Entertainment Television praised […]

AOC challenged to put ‘action’ behind all-talk persona and condemn death threats against ‘Mini AOC’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being challenged to speak out in defense of an 8-year old who has been receiving death threats from AOC followers. The child, Ava […]

Sec of Energy Perry: Trump is a leading champion for the environment, ‘amazed’ his critics have no clue

Hours after President Donald Trump delivered a speech Monday afternoon at the White House touting his administration’s environmental record, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry appeared on Fox […]

Jesse Watters: U.S. women’s soccer team undermines equal pay argument with their divisive behavior

Fox News host Jesse Watters believes the  U.S. women’s soccer team is doing little to help the case for equal pay with their “unpatriotic” behavior. Watters spoke on the […]