Ice-cream licker sets off copycats: Walmart shopper spits mouthwash back into bottle, returns it to shelf

The “Blue Bell licker” may have set off a series of copycats who want to ride her coat-tails into viral internet stardom.

Following the story of a girl who was filmed licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream and putting it back in the freezer, we now have video of someone else violating both health codes and human decency.

Bameron Nicole Smith was recorded in a Walmart shopping center opening up a bottle of Listerine, gargling with it, depositing the used mouthwash back into the container, and then putting it all back on the shelf. While some claim that this was staged because Smith did not appear to break any safety seal, many believe it is getting attention because of “ice cream girl” and her antics.

“Girl, it has been one musty f****** morning,” says Smith, before removing the lid of the mouthwash bottle.

Watch below: [WARNING: Strong language]

It is unclear whether Smith paid for the product before or after the video was filmed, but it’s obvious that this is going to become a trend among young people looking for easy views and their 15 minutes of fame.

We’ve seen this kind of shenanigans before with the “condom challenge,” the stupid and downright dangerous Kylie Jenner Challenge, and the “fire challenge” which invites participants to literally set themselves on fire.

YouTuber “Larz” shared a video of him opening a tub of Dreyer’s ice cream and scooping some out with his hands before putting it back and running away with the cameraman. Again, it is unclear whether the ice cream ended up being bought, but he did post a follow up video of what appears to be a police officer at his house.


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