These senators want the feds’ American flags to actually be made in America

Legislation has been introduced in the Senate that would require all flags purchased by the federal government to be flags actually manufactured within the United States — […]

Nancy Pelosi blasts ‘Twitter world’ of freshman Dems like AOC and Ilhan Omar

The infighting between Democrat members of Congress will definitely be continuing thanks to a new interview with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Speaking to The New York Times […]

Donald Trump will ‘take the 2020 election by armed force,’ says director Joss Whedon with zero proof

It’s a sad existence when you can’t even let go of political divides on a holiday like the Fourth of July. For many leftists suffering from Trump […]

Does Kaepernick find this marine offensive because of his new Betsy Ross flag tattoo?

Retired marine and double amputee Johnny “Joe” Jones was not happy with Nike dropping their Betsy Ross flag-inspired shoe recently after a reported complaint from former San […]

Police and Antifa members clash multiple times at Demand Free Speech D.C. rally

Antifa members hit the streets of Washington D.C. on Saturday in an attempt to disrupt the Demand Free Speech rally. Featuring guests like Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec […]

‘Good Times’ actor Jimmie Walker calls out rich, angry NBA players for whiney political views

  Actor and comedian Jimmie Walker slammed “upset” and “angry” NBA stars who are always complaining despite living lives of luxury. The long-time television star believes National Basketball […]

Florida residents being urged to kill iguanas and eat them to control dangerous reproduction numbers

Florida residents are being told by a state wildlife agency that the green iguanas they see on their properties are not welcome. The Florida Fish and Wildlife […]

Ice-cream licker sets off copycats: Walmart shopper spits mouthwash back into bottle, returns it to shelf

The “Blue Bell licker” may have set off a series of copycats who want to ride her coat-tails into viral internet stardom. Following the story of a […]

Tunisia, a country with Islam as its official state religion, bans niqab’s in public after terror attacks

The North African nation of Tunisia has banned Muslim women from wearing the niqab — an oppressive veil that covers a woman’s entire face, save for her eyes — […]

Teen Vogue starts July 4th with ‘happy malia obama day;’ then posts a string of America-bashing stories

In-between slamming the Declaration of Independence for its alleged racism/sexism and using historical quotes out of context to portray the Fourth of July as a racist holiday, the […]

Italy’s Alitalia airline apologizes for ads with actor in blackface playing Obama

Apparently the memo about racial purity in advertising imagery has not yet reached the inboxes of all marketing executives across the pond. Italian airline Alitalia was forced […]

AOC blocks reporter Liz Wheeler and gets an earful, starting with, ‘Dear Lord,’ and ending in ‘cowardice’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s embellishment and fake outrage surrounding migrant detention facilities on the southern border has earned her some well-deserved criticism, but when confronted with solid facts, the […]

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