Malcontents try to disrupt July 4th ‘Salute to America’

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Independence Day should be a day when everyone comes together. A day when partisan divides should be bridged and America should be honored.

But no, the Left is much more interested in divisiveness than any salute to America. The left cannot even stop being asses on America’s Independence Day. There’s a word for it: unpatriotic. Too many leftists hate America and make it their business to search for flaws and denigrate what has been built in this country. The purveyors of identity politics want to tear down, to create “victims”, to separate people into classes of gender, race and economic success.

Part of this hatred is directed toward America’s armed forces, the men and women who preserved the freedoms that the Left enjoys today. How can leftists say, from one side of their mouths, that they support our troops, and from the other side that they want to reduce our military budget to starvation status?

And look at how many presidential candidates today applaud Nike’s decision to pull its Betsy Ross American-flag shoes. A closer look reveals that these dummkopf candidates are simply stupid about history— Betsy Ross was an abolitionist who deplored slavery and did not own slaves! So what if a few self-styled revisionists are whining? So what if some disgraced, second-rate quarterback doesn’t like it? Get over it. Don’t buy the shoes.

As for me, I’ll never buy another Nike product in my life; Nike can rot in the dustbin of corporate history.

SG Nike Betsy Ross shoe

All this is happening because leftists are threatened by the freedom that July 4th represents. They are not proud of America. They didn’t want the Independence Day celebrations in Washington to be a success. Leftists objected because they hate Donald Trump more than they love the U.S. The media snowflakes called the parade theme a “threat” to the nation, with “profoundly disturbing” tanks, and “tyrant-like” behavior, whatever that means.

It points out the stark difference between how progressives feel about the U.S. versus conservatives.

Trump side-stepped politics in his “Salute to America” non-partisan address, attended by thousands, even as it rained and the Blue Angels roared across the sky. There was a parade and a reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Democrats went into pushback mode early on, “extremely alarmed” the President would inject politics into the celebration and display military hardware. I guess these progressives forgot to go look at the photos of the truck-mounted military missiles at President Kennedy’s inaugural parade in 1961. And then, down at the bottom of the social decency ladder, we have the cellar-dwellers, the protesters. There was a flag-burning in front of the White House, and the “Baby-Trump balloons” were evident but not flying, due to FAA concerns. In Philadelphia, 33 protesters were detained and cited as they disrupted the 4th of July parade there. Several people were stabbed in Chicago during a fight at the fireworks show and 16 people taken to hospitals.

Leave it to the malcontents to try to derail a celebration of America with divisive intrusions. These whimperers, a sad group who apparently have no jobs or a meaningful life, were whining about a one-day parade and festivities to honor America, yet they think an entire month of gay pride parades are perfectly acceptable.

They simply do not want America to show its pride and its accomplishments.

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John R. Smith

John R. Smith is chairman of BIZPAC, the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County, and owner of a financial services company. He is a frequent columnist for BizPac Review.
John R. Smith


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