Dem Congresswoman Frederica Wilson threatens to prosecute people who mock politicians

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Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson wants to prosecute people who mock politicians online. (screenshots)

Democrats are now publicly declaring that they oppose free speech. In a shocking video, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida threatened to prosecute Americans who mock members of Congress online.

Wilson fumed (video below): “Those people who are online making fun of members of Congress are a disgrace, and there is no need for anyone to think that is unacceptable! We’re gonna shut them down and work with whoever it is to shut them down, and they should be prosecuted.’

She continued: “You cannot intimidate members of Congress, frighten members of Congress! It is against the law, and it’s a shame in this United States of America.”

Earth to Wilson: Remember the First Amendment?

Amazingly, the tone-deaf Wilson made the self-serving remarks to reporters outside a migrant children’s shelter in Florida. Wilson obviously forgot that she was there to shill illegal immigration, and not make demands on her own behalf.

(Source: Washington Times/Twitter)

Frederica Wilson issued the threat against free speech in response to a report that some Border Patrol agents had mocked newbie Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a private Facebook group.

AOC has repeatedly slammed Border Patrol agents and called to abolish ICE. Ocasio-Cortez even fabricated a lie this week, claiming that Border Patrol agents had forced illegal aliens to “drink out of toilets.” There is no evidence to back up these outlandish claims.

In the face of these wild accusations, Border Patrol agents’ anger at her is understandable. They did not make the allegedly disparaging remarks about AOC publicly; it was in a private Facebook group.

Frederica Wilson has repeatedly mocked and disparaged Trump

Predictably, Wilson blamed President Trump for the public’s lack of respect for Congress. Keep in mind that countless polls show that Congress has a dismal approval rating among Americans, and that has been the case for more than a decade — long before Trump took office.

Besides, if Wilson wants to prosecute Americans for mocking politicians, she should start with herself. Wilson has repeatedly trashed President Trump as “crazy” and a “white supremacist.”

‘Who the hell does this imbecile think she is?’

Twitter erupted with volcanic backlash against Wilson — a “lawmaker” who’s undermining the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. You know, the document that members of Congress swore to uphold when they took office.

Florida business executive Jack Furnari quipped: “Who the hell does this imbecile think she is? We are free people and Frederica Wilson is a disgrace to our country.”

Another Twitter user remarked: “Just…wow. Congress member trying to abolish free speech now.”

Still another retorted: “I thought this was America.”

“That ain’t how free speech works, lady. This is America.”

Frederica Wilson makes mocking her too easy.

“Whoo wee!”

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