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Diner puts brilliant ‘My Girlfriend is Not Hungry’ option on menu to combat ‘date night food-theft’

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The key to operating a successful restaurant begins with location, location, location. Good quality food and service are also important, but creativity can play a vital role in achieving a winning bottom line.

In addressing what is widely seen as an age-old problem when it comes to dining out, an Arkansas diner definitely has the creativity part down pat.

The “problem” being when taking your girlfriend out to eat, she declares that she’s not hungry. Yet, once your food arrives, your sweetheart starts picking at your plate like a vulture descending on roadkill.

The phenomenon even has a name, being dubbed “date night food-theft,” according to the New York Post.

But a North Little Rock restaurant named Mama D’s has the solution.

The establishment has added a menu item titled, “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry.”

For those who order the selection, it entails adding “extra french fries to your entrée, and fried chicken wings (2) or fried cheese sticks (3).”

The menu selection went viral after being shared online and seems to have finally brought into the open a common dining experience — some a little more ferocious than others.

Then again, in today’s mixed up, muddled up, shook-up world, such things can come fraught with political consequences.

“How long before the restaurant is driven out of business after being accused of being sexist? ??‍♀️,” asked one social media user.


Political correctness aside, comedian and actor Kevin Fredericks offered a brilliant analysis of the problem as he stressed that men “order to their hunger level” and are left wanting when their date is continually picking off the plate, and that women do so because they like “sharing” a meal with the boyfriend.

Fredericks, who loves the menu addition, also details the dire consequences men face when they’re too dense to grasp that pushing back may not be the smart thing to do.

Here’s a sampling of some of the responses to the story from Twitter, to include input from both sexes:

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