Why wait for fireworks? Kellyanne Conway blows up reporter in spectacular display

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Kellyanne Conway torched a White House reporter for his “irresponsible” question about recent comments made by President Trump.

The White House counselor lashed out at NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander for a question he posed during a press gaggle on the White House driveway Tuesday, exposing him for “slipping in editorial comment” in a fiery exchange.

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Alexander referred to recent remarks made by Trump, asking Conway to elaborate.

“The president just yesterday was asked if he could give a speech that would reach all Americans, and in his answer he said, of the Democrats, that their health care plan would destroy the country,” Alexander said. “It didn’t seem to sort of give that sense of…”

“Well both are true at the same time,” Conway interjected. “He actually, you’re not giving his whole response which is irresponsible of you.”

Alexander offered to read the whole response after Conway gave him a moment to check the transcript, “otherwise it sounds like the president’s critics are standing right here.”

“So go ahead, we’ll give you time,” she said.

“The full response, please,” she added, noting that she and Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley were present in the Oval Office when Trump answered the question. “It’s going to take you a while because you came here only to give a partial response. Partial information ins misinformation.”

“The president was asked can you give a speech that will reach all Americans,” Alexander could be heard reading, followed by Trump’s response. “‘I think so, I think so,’ And then he said ‘I think I’ve reached most Americans, most Americans want no crime, most Americans want a strong military, they want a good education’…”

“Do you disagree with any of that?” Conway asked.

“… ‘they want good health care. You look at preexisting conditions, Republicans are going to save preexisting conditions,’ even though they voted to undercut Obamacare,” Alexander continued. “‘The Democrats won’t be able…

“Did the president say that, or did you just slip that in?” Conway interrupted the reporter.

“No no no, let America know that you’re slipping in your editorial comments, do not say you’re quoting the president of the United States and slipping in editorial comment,” she chastised Alexander.

“I didn’t, in that moment, I was giving you an appositive parenthetical,” Alexander retorted.

“I don’t think it’s your job to slip that in, but go ahead,” Conway shot back. “This man was never Senator or Congressman Trump, he’s never voted to undercut Obamacare.”

Trump “wasn’t talking about himself, he was talking about Republicans, which is what I said,” The NBC News reporter responded.

“The president said what the Democrats plan is going to destroy the country and is going to be horrible healthcare,” he added. “So the president, when asked in the very question in which he was asked if he could speak to all Americans, said the Democrats’ health care plan was going to destroy Americans. Is that a political statement or is that a patriotic statement?”

“That’s a factual statement, and you know it, here’s why, and thank you for reading the whole thing because you didn’t come here to do that,” Conway said.

But she wasn’t about to let Alexander off the hook for his question, as she chided the rest of the press for complaining about having a “better relationship” while undermining efforts to do so. Conway followed by accusing Alexander of asking about Trump’s comments “just to have a negative, to toss it at me like a Molotov cocktail and hope that you get to be on the nightly news tonight.”

“A Molotov cocktail?” Alexander asked, acting shocked. “Kellyanne, I asked you a question, the question is simple.”

“Give the full response, the president said a lot,” Conway replied.

“No the questions not simple, the question is loaded,” she added “But I can handle it.”

Indeed she can.

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