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Lib podcaster mocks gay conservative Andy Ngo’s brain hemorrhage after Antifa beating

nate bethea andy ngo
Left-wing podcaster Nate Bethea mocked gay conservative journalist Andy Ngo for suffering a brain hemorrhage after being beaten up by Antifa. (screenshots)

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Left-wing podcaster Nate Bethea cheerfully mocked gay, conservative, minority journalist Andy Ngo when he suffered a brain hemorrhage after being viciously beaten up by Antifa this weekend in Portland, Oregon.

Upon learning that Ngo had to be hospitalized after being pelted with “milkshakes” containing quick-dry cement, Bethea tweeted: “Cry some more about it, b*tch.”

Nate Bethea andy ngo twitter bullying
This is the “Tolerant Left.”

Leftist podcaster jokes: ‘RIP Andy Ngo’

In another tweet, Bethea snarked: “RIP Andy Ngo, whose brain exploded into diarrhea fragments from getting hit with a single piece of silly string. Esteemed brain experts reported ‘we’ve never seen so much thin broth inside someone’s skull before.'”

Just imagine the left-wing outrage if a gang of masked Trump supporters had beaten up a gay Muslim journalist. We’d never hear the end of it.

Nate Bethea harasses andy ngo twitter
Leftists like Nate Bethea claim to champion gays and minorities, but mock gay conservative Asian journalist Andy Ngo after he suffered a brutal beatdown.

In a Twitter exchange with another left-wing “journalist,” Bethea joked that it’s hard to tell if Andy Ngo suffered any brain damage since he has no brains.

Amid volcanic backlash, Bethea briefly suspended his personal Twitter account, but then re-activated it here.

Nate Bethea andy ngo

Keep in mind that the left constantly trashes President Trump and millions of his supporters, claiming they’re insensitive and racist.

Yet liberals like Nate Bethea and other leftist media personalities gleefully celebrate a gay, conservative, minority journalist who was viciously assaulted by a gang of masked Antifa thugs.

These are the same people who write emotional, long-winded stories over every single Trump tweet that they find “offensive.”

(Source: Jim Ryan/Twitter)

Portland mayor ordered police to do nothing about Antifa

Making Ngo’s beatdown especially shocking is that Portland mayor Ted Wheeler issued a stand-down order to the local police, to ensure that cops would not intervene if Antifa beat up conservatives in public.

Andy Ngo plans lawsuits against Antifa thugs

Andy Ngo’s attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, plans to launch a series of lawsuits to send the message that Democratic politicians and Antifa will not get away with assaulting conservatives.

It’s part of a leftist terrorist plot to silence right-leaning viewpoints to prevent President Trump from being re-elected in 2020.

Dhillon tweeted: “If Portland’s leadership unequally enforces the laws, puts citizens in harm’s way, and enable vicious assaults, they should answer in court. And the criminal gang Antifa that terrorizes regular Americans and journalists may also see its members sued, its leaders/assets at risk.”

Dhillon added: “Litigation is expensive. Someone is funding the Antifa criminals. Those truck rentals, flyers, fiberglass knuckles, chemicals, communications, bail money don’t come for free.”

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