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Alyssa Milano arrives in chauffeured luxury car to migrant center, demands entry without appointment

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Actress Alyssa Milano doesn’t know why she’s getting so much hate after being slammed for showing up at a border detention center in a “chauffeured luxury car.”

The liberal activist was called out on social media after a car service delivered her to the facility to visit migrant children at the border. Her luxury ride and smartphone in hand were a blatant example of “peak 2019 Hollywood ‘activism,'” one Twitter user shared.

(Image: screenshot)

The actress became the target of mockery following the news as MRCTV Managing Editor Brittany Hughes wondered if Milano “brought enough avocado toast and LaCroix for the planned photo-op.”

Milano responded to the backlash with confusion, tweeting that she did not understand why she was being criticized as she had no control over the type of vehicle the car service sent to pick her up. Her comment about a “flip phone” added to her tone-deaf comments.

The left naturally came to Milano’s defense, unloading in profanity-filled tweets on Hughes and anyone else who dared call out the Hollywood hypocrisy.

In typical fashion, the argument turned to attack President Trump – or in this case, inexplicably, first lady Melania Trump.

Milano posted her conspiracy theory-filled video from the Homestead migrant detention center in Florida on Friday, asking “What are they hiding?” when she wasn’t allowed to just casually drop in. Wonder what these left-wing activists would say if people decided to make unannounced and unauthorized visits to schools and day care centers with children?

But Milano’s hypocrisy and activism, like that of her Hollywood cohorts, continued to draw backlash on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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