Ocasio-Cortez frantically urges everyone to report ICE sightings, hide fugitives in your homes

The open border faction in the United States largely responsible for the mass flood on humanity overwhelming the southern border issued a call to arms on Saturday to assist illegal aliens who are defying court-issued deportation orders.

Leading this defiant stand against the federal government and the rule of law was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who warned of the impending raids that were later be called off by President Donald Trump to give House Democrats more time to do their jobs and deal with the ongoing immigration crisis.

In picking up on leaked media reports on the raids, which Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Mark Morgan called “egregious,” saying it “puts the lives of the officers and agents at risk,” Ocasio-Cortez shared tips from the left-wing open border group Raices Texas on how illegal aliens should react if ICE agents show up.

The freshman lawmaker, who accused ICE of operating concentration camps on the border, also called for tracking and reporting where the agents are — the safety of the agents be damned.

“Warning: The Trump admin is expected to begin ICE raids across the country TOMORROW, targeting people for round up,” she tweeted. “NOW is the time for us to come together: – Check in w/ your neighbors – Share “Know Your Rights” info – If you see ICE, report to UNITEDWEDREAM 1-844-363-1423.”

Not only did Ocasio-Cortez inform her 4.48 million followers of the planned raids, the democratic socialist called on folks to harbor illegal aliens defying deportation orders — which may put those who do so in jeopardy of violating the law themselves.

Referring to those facing deportation as “our neighbors,” the Bronx Bolshevik added:

“Please share this info widely & make sure your neighbors have it. If your home can be a safe space or haven for others, let your neighbors and community know – even if it’s just to relax in the stress of this time. Plan, prepare, + protect our neighbors.”

The actions of illegal aliens defying our immigration laws pale in comparison to a sitting congresswoman openly aiding and abetting them — a feat that’s only possible because of a complicit media.

President Trump’s decision to postpone the ICE raids reportedly came after a phone call from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, requesting him to call it off. What we do know is the president tweeted Saturday that his decision came “at the request of Democrats.”

Trump said he did so to give Democrats more time to reach a bipartisan agreement on the immigration crisis, but the move may have been part of a larger strategy by the president.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Morgan said Trump was looking to protect ICE agents.

“The media got a hold of some operational specifics, and they reported it,” he said. “It’s egregious and it puts the lives of the officers and agents at risk. The men and women at ICE are true American heroes. The president recognized that. He postponed it to protect them.”

Ocasio-Cortez was far from the only Democrat taking such egregious actions. It was repeated all across the nation, even by state and local Democrats.

The great irony here being that these are the folks supposedly consumed with others obstructing justice:

The party has drawn a clear and unmistakable line, standing with those who defy the rule of law over those tasked with enforcing those laws.

Here’s a sampling of other online responses to this sad state of affairs:


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