Nunes slams ‘old, pervy congressmen’ who questioned Hicks, while Nadler tries to squirm out of trouble: ‘I screwed it up’

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is trying to explain away his controversial behavior during the recent Hope Hicks hearing.

According to transcripts, Nadler referred to Hicks as “Mrs. Lewandowski” three times while she was questioned by the House Judiciary Committee, of which Nadler is the chairman.

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The congressman claims now in an interview with CNN that his referring to Hicks as “Mrs. Lewandowski” — which can be easily perceived as a low-blow attack since there was a unsubstantiated rumor that Hicks and Lewandowski had carried out an affair — was not intentional.

Nadler claims he was running through questions with Hicks and some of them were in reference to Lewandowski — who worked on the Trump presidential campaign — and he had “two different counsels” that were “whispering” in his ear. He also said he was “thinking” about the objections White House lawyers made to his questions regarding Hicks’ time at the White House under Donald Trump.

“That’s what I was thinking about, and I screwed it up,” Nadler said. “I meant nothing by it.”

He also admitted outside of the hearing, “I just screwed it up.”

Nadler made his mistake three times and Hicks, the former White House communications director, had to correct him multiple times. This led many to accuse Nadler of subtly trying to insult Hicks by referencing the rumor about her alleged affair — which, again, there is zero proof of.

Vice President Mike Pence’s spokeswoman Alyssa Farah tweeted that Nadler’s misstatement was “sexist garbage.”

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) also blasted Nadler in an interview with Fox News.

“Nobody quite understood why she was back in the U.S. Capitol yesterday doing essentially another deposition,” Nunes said of the Hicks hearing.

The congressman went on to say that Americans would be “ashamed” if they could have witnessed the closed door testimony. He referred to some at the hearing as “old, pervy congressman.”

“I think that’s very bizarre to have a bunch of old, pervy congressmen asking somebody who has no new information about her love life,” Nunes said. “I think the American people would be ashamed.”

Other reacted with shock on social media. One even called Nadler’s behavior “appalling” and “sexist.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think of Hicks. This is sexist and appalling, if you know anything about Cory Lewandowski’s alleged behavior toward her,” New York Magazine contributor Olivia Nuzzi tweeted.

Even CNN’s John King blasted Nadler for his behavior during the hearing.

“He knows her name is Hope Hicks,” King said of Nadler. Check out his full comments below:

And check out other reactions on social media below:

President Trump stood up for Hicks earlier this week and tweeted that Democrats are putting her “through hell.”

“So sad that the Democrats are putting wonderful Hope Hicks through hell, for 3 years now, after total exoneration by Robert Mueller & the Mueller Report. They were unhappy with result so they want a Do Over. Very unfair & costly to her. Will it ever end?” he tweeted.

Trump added, “asking Hillary Clinton why she deleted and acid washed her Emails AFTER getting a subpoena from Congress? Anybody else would be in jail for that, yet the Dems refuse to even bring it up. Rigged House Committee.”


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