Libs lose it over planned ‘going away’ party for Sarah Sanders, demand to see list of organizers

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Liberals showed their true colors again as they threw a tantrum over a reported “going away” party for outgoing White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Many on the left were appalled at the very idea that Sanders, who begins her final week on the job next week, would be honored with a party planned by two White House reporters, according to an invitation obtained by the Huffington Post.

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Politico’s Anita Kumar and the Mail’s Francesca Chambers invited reporters for “farewell drinks” at an upscale Washington, D.C. restaurant on June 24.

After serving as Trump’s longest-running press secretary, Sanders is stepping down at the end of the month.

But Sanders’ defense of President Trump and her sometimes fiery exchanges with hostile members of the liberal press left many angry about the party, with some – like feminist writer Jodi Jacobson – even demanding that the list of attendees be published.

Former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer called the planned festivities “so damn embarrassing.”

Former Democratic candidate Dena Grayson minced no words, slamming Sanders who “repeatedly LIED to reporters” while accusing her of making the decision to not hold a White House press conference for the last three months.

A more graphic, and vulgar, reaction came in a tweet by Slate’s Ashley Feinberg, while political scientist Miranda Yaver declared that Sanders shouldn’t be “rewarded” with a party after “lying to the press and to the American people.”

“Is WHCA planning to address this?” Media Matters’ editor-at-large Parker Molloy tweeted, demanding to know how the White House Correspondents’ Association would deal with a member of their board who was organizing the party.

Many more liberals joined the pile-up, proving again the hypocrisy and animosity of the left.

Plenty of other rational Twitter users slammed the hysteria and personal attacks against Sanders.


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