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Conservatives see something very telling when Kamala Harris slams Trump on ‘remake of demographics’

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA - JUNE 09: Democratic presidential candidate and California senator Kamala Harris speaks at the Iowa Democratic Party's Hall of Fame Dinner on June 9, 2019 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Nearly all of the 23 Democratic candidates running for president were campaigning in Iowa this weekend. President Donald Trump has two events scheduled in the state on Tuesday. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
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Whoops …

In a tweet posted Tuesday, 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris accidentally let the cat out of the bag and revealed the real reason why the Democrat Party wants to keep the borders perpetually unsecured.

“Let’s call this what it is: an attempt to remake the demographics of our country by cracking down on immigrants,” she wrote in response to a report about President Donald Trump’s plans to begin deporting illegal aliens.

“That this threat is coming from the President of the United States is deeply reprehensible and an affront to our values. We will fight this.”


Demographics? In the remixed words of legendary singer Tina Turner, “What’s [demographics] got to do, got do with it!?”

Plenty, or at least it does to Democrats. As for the president and his supporters, they seek to secure the border and remove illegal aliens because, one, illegal immigration is a violation of federal law, two, illegal immigration costs actual Americans billions of dollars, and three, illegal immigration is directly linked to an increase in criminal acts, in part because illegal immigration is itself a criminal act.

To Democrats, however, illegal immigration is all about the numbers, baby.

Of course, social media users already knew this.


Many have long suspected that Democrats support illegal immigration because they seek to import uneducated, low-skilled, welfare-dependent illegal aliens who are beholden to them.

“Over the years I have told people the Democrat Party’s interest in this not compassion, it’s not the poor, it’s not any of that,” conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh explained last year.

It is simply a way of maintaining a permanent underclass in America that will always be dependent on government and therefore the Democrats.”


Mainstream Republican politicians, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Rep. Mo Brooks, have made the exact same point.

“In San Francisco, immigrants who are in the country illegally are now eligible to register and vote in school board elections. Of course, this is clearly illegal under the California Constitution,” Gingrich wrote in a column last year.

“However, the pro-illegal immigration, sanctuary state-supporting Democratic majority in the state Legislature has no interest in enforcing the law when it’s being ignored by fellow Democrats. After all, the long-range plans Democrats have for a ruling majority depend on continuous law- breaking to get enough non-Americans to vote.

Even Brooks gets it.

“Democrats have an open borders philosophy, they don’t believe in border security, they believe this is the way to change the American electorate in order to win elections,” he said this past December during an interview with Yellowhammer News.



This desire for electoral control and power is so overwhelming, he suggested, that Democrats don’t care that “you have got thousands of Americans who are dead each year because of the Democrats’ refusal to secure the border.”

Americans like Newman Police Department Cpl. Ronil Singh, Bambi Larson and Kate Steinle, to name just a few …

What nobody ever expected, however, was that a Democrat — especially a Democrat like Harris — would come out and readily admit their underlying, sinister goals.

Thanks for the honesty, senator!


Vivek Saxena


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