Hannity and Ingraham jeer Stephanopoulos: ‘Little Georgie’s Trump interview … humiliating ratings’

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Screen capture … Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham … Credit: Fox News

Oh those network wars. Sean Hannity closed out his Monday show by laughingly mocking the woeful ratings George Stephanopoulos garnered for his recent big interview with President Trump.

The prime-time Sunday night “Special Edition 20/20” interview with President Trump came in third place in its time slot, drawing fewer viewers than “Celebrity Family Feud” in the previous week’s same position.

Laura Ingraham made an attempt to defend the ratings a bit by pointing out the interview was up against the U.S. Open golf championship.

Not above boasting about his own better ratings when he did just a phone interview with Trump, Hannity was clearly relishing the chance to lay into the former Bill Clinton press secretary.

“Our ‘Villain of the Day,’ Little Georgie Stephanopoulos, Clinton hack, so-called ABC journalist garnering–look at these horrible ratings for his one-hour special with the president,” Hannity said. “We did a phone interview with the President for I think 45 minutes of the show right here on “Hannity.

“To be on a network and get your ass kicked and I only did a phone interview––by little ol’ Sean Hannity––he needs to just pack it up. Because that is humiliating for him,” he continued.

Ingraham was cracking up before adding, “What I don’t understand is, did they shrink the presidential limo? They looked like they were spooning with each other in there. A little too close for me.”

“Remember, Hannity, the movie “Twins” with Danny Devito and Schwarzenegger?” Ingraham was clearly feeling it, as the two were unable to keep from snickering. “Something didn’t look right in that back seat.”

“You know, I open the window a little bit for trouble, and you dive through it after you throw a chair through and break the window open,” Hannity said.

“Well, it’s 10 o’clock,” the incoming host said. “Things change at 10.”

Watch the hilarious exchange here …

Video by Fox News

The “20/20” interview on Sunday drew 3.91 million viewers. “Celebrity Family Feud” the previous week had 6.1 million viewers, according to TV By The Numbers. The U.S. Open on Fox drew 7.29 million viewers, while CBS’ “60 Minutes” came in second with 4.67 million viewers.

The woeful ratings were in spite of a Twitter plug by the President on Saturday …

On the flip side, critics are pointing at the ratings flop as an indicator of a decline in popularity of President Trump.

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