‘The swamp is fighting back,’ Trumps warns Orlando crowd, says he wants an ‘earthquake at the ballot box’

Tens of thousands showed up for President Donald Trump’s rally in Orlando, Florida. Many parked themselves out in the heat a full day before the event was […]

McConnell rips apart reparations ahead of hearing: ‘No one currently alive was responsible for’ slavery

The idea of reparations has moved its way back to the center of political debate thanks partly to an upcoming hearing that will involve “Lethal Weapon” star […]

Shanahan details past domestic violence incidents that led him to withdraw from Secretary of Defense position

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan decided not to go forward with the confirmation process to cement him in his […]

New witness closed-door testimony debunks Dems’ conspiracy on census citizenship question

Trump officials are denying the administration took part in a conspiracy aimed at adding a citizenship question to the US census in order to favor Republicans. In […]

Florida’s Orlando Sentinel endorses ‘not Donald Trump’ for president ahead of ‘mother of all rallies’

Before President Donald Trump could announce his reelection campaign in front of tens of thousands of fans in Orlando, Florida, a local paper decided it was a […]

Here’s how Trump reportedly plans to own the Democratic primary debates

If the upcoming Democratic primary debates sound like they’re going to be a big snoozefest for you, then this latest rumor will likely get you tuning in. […]

What could go wrong? Mastercard says transgender customers will no longer have to use legal names

A new policy unveiled by MasterCard will now allow cardholders to use a name other than the one on their birth certificates. But the “True Name” card policy […]

AOC lashes out at Liz Cheney and ‘shrieking Republicans’ after furious concentration camp backlash

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offered no apologies for her clueless remarks on “concentration camps” along the U.S. border, instead doubling down and slamming “shrieking Republicans” for their criticism. The […]

Former Fla. GOP rep compares Parkland survivor Kushuv’s past comments to ‘postings we see of a shooter’

While Kyle Kashuv is busy defending things he said when he was only 16-years-old, pundits are having a ball taking his comments and running with them to […]

Nat’l border patrol official comes out swinging against AOC’s ‘disgusting’ concentration camp claim

The National Border Patrol Council joined Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer in condemning Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over her remarks on U.S. detention facilities. Art Del Cueto, who serves […]

Acosta accuses Hannity and Tucker of parroting scripts straight from the WH: ‘Sounds like that’s the case’

Jim Acosta’s strategy for selling his new book, titled “The Enemy of the People,” seems to be to just attack Fox News and the network’s hosts as […]

Big Baller Brand chief LaVar Ball fires back after being accused of sexually charged quip to ESPN host

Businessman and media personality LaVar Ball fired back at critics who slammed him for allegedly making an “inappropriate” remark to a female ESPN host. Ball was adamant that […]

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