Gowdy and Chaffetz get on a roll, and bullets start flying at the Dems

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Two of the most legendary Republican House Oversight Committee chairs in recent history, former Reps. Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz, teamed up on Fox News late Friday to take scathing shots at the media for their perpetually stunning “duplicity” in how they treat Republicans and how they treat Democrats.

The shots were taken during a discussion about the “mock impeachment inquiries” that congressional Democrats held this week.

One of the featured speakers at the hearings was John Dean, a disbarred attorney and convicted felon linked to disgraced former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal cover-up. President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, also a convicted felon, was also cited as a source.

The fact that congressional Democrats would rely on convicted felons to make their case for impeachment was baffling to Chaffetz, who was filling in for Sean Hannity on FNC’s “Hannity.”

“When you bring up two convicted felons, Michael Cohen and John Dean, as the way you will propel this … I don’t know how Democrats with a straight face look in the cameras and say, ‘Oh,yeah, we’re trying to get to the bottom and do the work of the American people,'” he said.

That’s when Gowdy took his first shot.

“I’ll tell you how they do. Because they’re never asked about it. … I hope you even have realized now that the duplicity and the relativism with which Republicans are covered versus with Democrats,” he said.

“If you as the chairman of Oversight had called someone like John Dean, who’s not a fact witness, he’s not a legal expert … you would have been excoriated. You don’t hear any of that about [House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry] Nadler. You don’t hear any of that about [House Intelligence Committee chair Adam] Schiff.”

Listen to the relevant part of their discussion below:

Chaffetz concurred and cited the time that one of disgraced former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s information technology specialists ignored a congressional subpoena.

“We asked him to come before the committee, and no one even covered the hearing because he didn’t show up,” he said.

“I was there in case you forgot,” Gowdy replied. “Hey, how about six years worth of not being able to get information from President Obama’s administration? I mean, where was the outrage?”

There was none. Every time former President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration behaved in questionable ways, the media nodded in tacit approval, including when the administration ignored court orders and defied subpoenas.

“Where are the Politico, [The] Hill, Washington Post articles about how outrageous it is the executive branch was not cooperating with legitimate oversight?” he continued. “You don’t see any of it!”

“So look i get that our former line of work ain’t that popular, but folks in the media are not trusted as much as we need them to be in a robust, thriving democracy, and at some point, they need to ask themselves, I wonder why we’re not trusted, I wonder why people think we’re in the tank for Democrats?”

Polls have shown that the media’s trust level has declined drastically in the past couple of years.

“Confidence in the media has hit rock bottom, with many news consumers believing that reporters file their reports before knowing the facts and 60 percent are under the impression that sources pay for stories, according to a depressing new survey of American journalism,” the Washington Examiner reported in February, citing a poll by Columbia Journalism Review.

But instead of making any genuine attempts to ameliorate their shortcomings, the media keep doubling down on their bias. Take CNN, the network that once championed disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti — a man who’s since been charged for ripping off a paraplegic client — as a potential presidential candidate who could defeat Trump.

This week CNN host Chris Cuomo invited disgraced former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe onto his show to push for the president’s impeachment.

“I think we are clearly there with the results of the special counsel team,” McCabe said. “There are so many witnesses who could provide important essential testimony to Congress that can only be done in the scope of an impeachment inquiry.”

“I think the American people have a right to hear from the witnesses and understand exactly what actions the president engaged in, and they have the opportunity to factor that information into their decisions, their voting decisions, whatever that might be going forward. The time has come to get that information out.”



Later in his FNC interview Friday with Chaffetz, Gowdy wondered why anyone would care  what McCabe thinks.

“I wish McCabe would just go on and deal with his own legal issues,” he said. “I really don’t know anyone who gives a damn what Andy McCabe thinks about impeachment and Donald Trump. I really don’t, other than the reporter that asked him!”

“He’s in big, huge legal trouble, and he better start lawyering up. And I think he’s out there trying to spin his own thing,” Chaffetz replied.

“That’s where I’d put my time. I would devote my time on my own legal issues and not weigh in other peoples,” Gowdy concurred.

“Yeah, well, he’s going to be in a world of hurt soon,” Chaffetz added as the discussion concluded. “I can’t wait for the inspector general to report. I know you and I think a lot of Michael Horowitz, and I’m sure he did a thorough job. And what he comes and says, I think is probably going to be as close to the facts as we can possibly get.”

Watch the full FNC interview below:


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