Sarah Sanders says emotional farewell as Press Secretary: ‘I loved every minute…I love the president’

President Trump announced the shocking news Thursday afternoon that the Trump administration’s devoted Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will be resigning at the end of the month.

In a couple of short, yet sweet, tweets Trump called Sanders a “very special person” and that she’ll be heading home to Arkansas where she’d make a ‘great governor!’

Sanders was clearly holding back a lot of emotion when she confirmed the announcement.

Sanders called the job the “honor of a lifetime.” She praised the president for his accomplishments and said she even loved the “hard minutes” of being press secretary.

The only thing that could top the experience is “being a mom,” Sander said.

Politics runs in the bloodlines, as Sanders’ famous dad, former Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee has been a staunch defender of his daughter who’s taken a lot of heat standing up to an often hostile press.

Huckabee was quick to weigh in on the breaking news via Twitter:

Sanders has become a regular target for attacks and there was no shortage of vile and immediate reaction from the left:

Thankfully, calmer and clearer minds also weighed in on the surprising news:

Trump soon took to the podium to reaffirm his stance that the two are parting on the best of terms. He called her a great, tough, and magnificent person and reiterated that she’d make a great governor. “She’s done an incredible job” he said.

So, who will be next? That’s a great question that’s already being asked.

A “hard act to follow” indeed.




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