Bill Maher admits on CNN, ‘Hillary was a terrible candidate’ who ‘committed obstruction of justice’

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Screen capture … Chris Cuomo and Bill Maher … Credit: CNN

Monday night, liberal firebrand Bill Maher admitted live on CNN that “Hillary was a terrible candidate, that’s absolutely true.”

In an interview filled with notable jabs at both the left and right, Maher spoke with Chris Cuomo about a range of political topics surrounding the 2020 elections.

“She didn’t help the situation with the emails, how she answered questions and her actions,” Cuomo said about Clinton.

“Absolutely, and she committed obstruction of justice,” Maher replied, as all three-dozen viewers around the country were jolted upright in their easy chairs.

“Now Trump did in much worse fashion, I think,” Maher stammered, “but I mean, you know, smashing up your phones and your hard drive …”

“We had a story about it, but it was a bad idea,” Cuomo stopped him as he interrupted Maher … and if we pause here … is that not funny all by itself? They did a story on it … funniest line all night, for sure.

“Remember, this is going to be, because it is Trump, the dirtiest campaign ever,” Maher stated. “You have to look ahead, what are they going to attack? How are they going to swift-boat whoever the candidate is, because that’s what they’re going to do.”

In a stunning, smug admission of self-importance, Cuomo asked Maher’s opinion about how the authoritarian media should “police the election–how much we cover, how much we don’t.”

“I don’t trust the media,” Maher said. “I don’t have a lot of faith because we don’t live in the era of news divisions as loss leaders, as we used to. The news divisions didn’t used to have to make a profit. Then that changed. You have to report to the board just like everybody else and show your earnings, and in that atmosphere, they are always going to be looking for eyeballs. That’s going to be the most important thing, getting people to click, getting people to watch.

Several valid points were to be had throughout the segment and of course many a red herring as well.

But on social media, leftists were up in arms over the sacrilegious Hillary admissions by Maher, one of their own.

Oh, this is a great tweet and quite representative of the liberal loyalists out there …

Watch this segment of the interview for yourself …

Video by CNN


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