Ted Cruz questions Twitter’s algorithms after odd liberal recommendations: ‘something REALLY wrong’

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Sen, Ted Cruz’s concern over what he saw as “something REALLY wrong with Twitter’s algorithms” was met with mockery by his Democratic colleagues.

The Texas Republican noted the peculiarity in the system as the social media platform appeared to keep directing him to follow Democrats in Congress rather than others in his party.

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“Is it just me or is there something REALLY wrong with Twitter’s algorithms? Because I follow Steve Scalise and several other GOP members of Congress, I get recommended tweets from Ted Deutch … Sheldon Whitehouse … Steve Cohen … Chuck Schumer … and Chris Murphy?” Cruz tweeted Sunday, referring to Democrat lawmakers.

Cruz’ comments came on the heels of President Trump warning Twitter it was making a “giant mistake” in banning conservative voices.

The senator was quickly met with ridicule as liberals mocked his implication that there was soemthing nefarious going on with Twitter’s algorithm. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin suggested one answer to Cruz’ question.

Former writer at Media Matters for America, Oliver Willis, offered his take.

California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu chimed in with his unsolicited two-cents.

Others also joined the pile-on.

“Could be they are all members of Congress?” Sen. Brian Schatz asked, prompting a reply from Cruz.

In a follow-up tweet, the GOP senator shot back by noting how Twitter only does this in “one DIRECTION.”

The Hawaii Democrat took Cruz up on the challenge but offered no screenshot of his findings.

Others on the left  continued roasting Cruz.

Schatz suggested he and Cruz work together at addressing “algorithmic transparency,” though he admitted he never considered there was a “political conspiracy.”

Top executives for Google, Facebook, and YouTube testified before the House Judiciary Committee last year on alleged censorship of conservative content.

Cruz has previously criticized the social media platforms, echoing sentiments repeated by Trump on Sunday.

“Twitter should let the banned Conservative Voices back onto their platform, without restriction,” Trump tweeted Sunday. “It’s called Freedom of Speech, remember. You are making a Giant Mistake!”

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