Kellyanne Conway raises red flag on Pelosi: She’s lost control of her ‘temper’ and her caucus

Kellyanne Conway slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for losing her “temper” and control over her House caucus amid calls to impeach President Trump.

Pelosi is under “enormous pressure” to pursue impeachment, the White House Counselor told “Fox & Friends” Monday, but warned that a move being pressed by members to the far left of the party may backfire on Democrats.

(Video: Fox News)

“She doesn’t seem to have control of her temper when it comes to the president,” Conway said, pointing to the  “awful, incendiary” remarks the top Democrat made last week while Trump was in the United Kingdom.

Even as members of her own party have been clamoring for Trump’s impeachment, especially in light of Robert Mueller’s report, Pelosi has joined the bandwagon. staying cool to the idea. But she did reportedly acknowledge that she would rather see Trump defeated at the polls in 2020 and then face jail time for the crimes he allegedly committed.

Conway slammed Pelosi’s “audacity” in telling a reporter when she was in Normandy last week that she would never criticize the president while she is in a foreign country as a matter of “principle.”

“But she talked about the president when he was in a foreign country on a state visit,” Conway noted, reiterating that the Democrat not only has no control over her “temper,” but she also has no control over her caucus.

Trump slammed Pelosi for her “prison remarks” in a tweet bestowing a new nickname on the Democrat.

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani blasted Pelosi and Democrats for their attacks against Trump which he likened to the 1950’s smear campaigns by Sen. Joe McCarthy.

Conway noted the challenge facing Pelosi as she attempts to rein in “out of control freshman” Democrats who are pushing for impeachment.

“They’re under enormous pressure. They’re giving in to a bunch of people on cable TV who were waiting on Bob Mueller to get the job done,” Conway said, echoing Trump’s criticisms that the “do-nothing Congress wants a do-over on the Mueller report.”

“She was only a two-term speaker last time,” Conway said of Pelosi. “If they go too far left, if they don’t do anything at all, she may be a one or two-term speaker again.”


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