Wanda Sykes makes fun of slow old couple who walked out on her Trump attack

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Wanda Sykes openly mocked an elderly couple who walked out of one of her shows when she began to attack President Donald Trump.

The actress and comedian ridiculed the couple who protested her bashing of the president during a performance in Florida, telling “The View” that her audiences typically look forward to her anti-Trump routine.

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“If I didn’t start off with Trump jokes I can see all my fans sitting there like, come on, bring it, bring it, when is it coming?” she told “The View” co-hosts on Tuesday.

“So I said I’m just going to start off with the Trump jokes up front, and then I’d see 10 or 12 people get up and leave” she explained before noting one particular incident in which an elderly woman got up to storm out but her exit was delayed as she waited for her husband who was using a walker.

“I’m doing the Trump stuff and this old lady gets up and she’s mad,” Sykes recounted on a show in Florida.

“She’s about to walk out. So she gets like maybe 20 feet down the aisle and she’s cursing at me and everything and she’s trying to storm out and then she turns and she has to wait for her husband and he’s with a walker,” she said as the audience laughed.

“I’m like, this is just the saddest walkout I’ve ever seen. I was like, y’all might as well – by the time you get to the door, I’m going to be done!” she added.

Earlier in the segment, Sykes could not even acknowledge Trump as the first Republican president to message about LGBT Pride Month in a tweet without slamming him.

“You know, Trump tweeted his support for pride month. Are you surprised? I mean, it’s shocking, isn’t it?” co-host Joy Behar asked.

“That’s the most ridiculous — everything he does is just phony. Everything is just a lie,” Sykes exclaimed. “How are you going to say happy pride and then say transgender people can’t serve in the military?”

“He’s full of it. He’s just full of it,” she added. “There is not a sincere bone in his body.”

Later, co-host Ana Navarro asked Sykes about the correlation between Trump’s presidency and the sudden influx of women, and a diversity of others being elected to Congress.

“You have to look at the bright side, right? Because of him [Trump], all the activism and everything, we sent all these women to Congress more than ever before,” Sykes replied.

“You look at that Congress now and it’s beautiful.” she added. “Especially all those women next to all those old white guys. It looks like the cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ meets the cast of ‘Cocoon.'”

Sykes may have people paying to see her live performances or tuning in to her Netflix special, “Not Normal,” but plenty of Twitter users found very little about her anti-Trump bashing entertaining.

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