‘It’s going down, baby!’ Pro-Trump Brit stabs baby Trump balloon as London protests ramp-up

President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom has been met with predictable protests, but there are apparently some bold supporters in the mix as well.

And one of them reportedly just took down the infamous “Trump Baby” balloon.

*Warning for some gory content:

A woman who identifies herself as “Based Amy” literally took a stab at the balloon that was being flown in protest yet again after making its debut during Trump’s last visit to London in 2018.

“I’m going in!” she can be heard saying in a video approaching the diaper-clad “baby Trump,” and then telling protesters it is a “national disgrace.”

“The president of the United States is the best president ever! Shame on you!” she yelled at the crowd as some angry demonstrators turned on her.

But “Based Amy” took off and even celebrated Austin Powers style.

“It’s going down, baby” she yelled, telling people gathered in the area they should check on the balloon. “Yeah, baby!”

A few moments later, her video captured police confronting her as she screamed that they were hurting her while she was trying to protect her phone.

“The woman is believed to be Amy Beth Dallamura – AKA Based Amy – a well-known blogger who has been pictured at Free Tommy Robinson demonstrations in support of the EDL founder,” The Sun reported.

A heavy police presence and steel barricades protected Trump on his stop on 10 Downing Street Tuesday with the road nearby being sealed off. But not too far away, the so-called “Carnival of Resistance” was underway. The president, speaking at a news conference with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, did not seem bothered by any of the protests.

“Even coming over today, there were thousands of people cheering,” he said Tuesday, the day after a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, according to The Washington Post.

“A lot of it is fake news, I have to say,” he added. “I didn’t see the protesters until just a little while ago. And it was a very, very small group of people put in for political reasons. So it was fake news.”

But there were in fact protests going on, and this time around, it seems Trump supporters who were bold enough to speak out were the ones under attack as could be seen in a video posted by LBC reporter Matthew Thompson.

Chants of “Nazi scum” were hurled at a Trump supporter faced in Parliament Square, escalating until he was apparently hit in the face by a milkshake that was tossed from someone in the crowd, prompting a physical altercation that was caught on the video.

The crowd converged on the man moments after a speech by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in which he accused Trump of spreading hate.

Trump has “created a greater sense of hate and hatred that goes with it” he said adding a few remarks about “peace” just moments before the Trump supporter was attacked, according to The Sun.

“I had to fight them off,” the man, who didn’t want to be named, told the Sun. “I don’t get intimidated by them fascists.”

He reportedly defended the president, saying he supports Trump “Bbecause he’s done more than he said he was going to do for America.”

“He’s true to his word when he said he wants to make America great again,” he added.

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