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Altered video of Trump in UK spreads like wildfire … waiting for Daily Beast doxxing

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Claude Taylor, who liked to think of himself as a “liberal provocateur,” shared an altered video — see “doctored” — of President Donald Trump’s state visit to England. The audio had been replaced in an attempt to embarrass the president — something Taylor spends lots of time trying to do.

“Emperor Palpatine’s Theme..they are trolling him,” Taylor tweeted, as he shared the short video clip.

Ok, so it’s a juvenile attempt to use a Star Wars musical theme associated with Darth Sidious to suggest that the Brits are mocking the president of the United States.

Never mind that the Trump-hating hero got the song wrong, as he was reminded by more than one social media user that the inserted audio was the Imperial March, not the Emperor’s theme.

For the record, Taylor said shortly after sharing the video that he was not the creator.

“I’m honored people think I did this. I didn’t. I am entertained by the humor of it. You should be, too,” he tweeted.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the internet wild west, no harm, no foul, right?

Not so fast.

Didn’t the liberal media just declare that doctoring videos to embarrass or otherwise mock political figures was strictly forbidden?

This declaration coming after a recent video of a “drunk” Nancy Pelosi went viral, in which the audio was altered to make it appear that she was slurring her words.

The Washington Post was quick to run interference for the House speaker, rolling out a digital-forensics expert to say the audio had been “slowed” to alter Pelosi’s voice.

CNN carried its share of water too, but The Daily Beast took things further, exacting a penalty for the sin of misrepresenting the Democratic lawmaker.

The online news source set out to discover who was behind the Pelosi video, with its crack investigative reporters tracking it to an anonymous forklift driver, a black man from the Bronx who supports President Trump.

“We Found the Guy Behind the Viral ‘Drunk Pelosi’ Video,” the Daily Beast headline proudly proclaimed.

That guy was Shawn Brooks, who is also a sports blogger, and you can imagine how his sudden notoriety went over in New York City after essentially being doxxed by the Daily Beast — Brooks denied creating the video, claiming he was just an admin on the page it was posted on.

“They need a fall guy and they choose me because of my background,” he said online.

A Facebook official — like-minded friends? — told the Daily Beast the video was first posted directly from Brooks’ personal Facebook account.

For what it’s worth, Brook is looking to sue the website, launching a GoFundMe page called the Shawn Brooks Legal Action Fund.

But back to Claude Taylor’s efforts, where are these same media protectors ensuring all videos are up to their standards?

Or is that the problem here, the video is up to their standards???

Social media is a whole other “beast,” and not as quick to forgive Taylor as his liberal media friends seem to be.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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