Trump hard-slams fmr. Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan for urging Congress to censure him

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Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan may have argued against impeaching President Donald Trump but her alternative got his attention and a scathing rebuke on Twitter.

The president called out the former speechwriter for President Reagan as “the simplistic writer for Trump haters all” after she suggested a congressional censure of Trump in an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal.

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“Peggy Noonan, the simplistic writer for Trump Haters all, is stuck in the past glory of Reagan and has no idea what is happening with the Radical Left Democrats, or how vicious and desperate they are. Mueller had to correct his ridiculous statement, Peggy never understood it!” Trump tweeted Sunday in response to Noonan’s op-ed last week.

The author and columnist wrote her piece following the first public statement from special counsel Robert Mueller last week about his investigation, writing that although it “boosted” the case for impeaching the president, it was not the best route for Democrats to undertake.

Noonan reacted to Mueller’s rare public statement last week on his investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign and alleged collusion with Russia, writing that the former special counsel who also announced his resignation “leaves in his wake a great murk” and “slipped out of public life on a banana peel.”

“If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime we would have said so,” Mueller said at the press conference. “We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”

Thus, Noonan noted, the “spirit of impeachment is now given a boost,” even if it is “a terrible idea.”

“It is a grave matter to overturn an election result. Why more cuttingly divide an already divided country?” she asked, predicting the effort would fail in the Republican-led Senate and that it could backfire against Democrats who would alienate the moderates in their party.

And while her view may have been one echoed by Trump, the president lashed out at the columnist for advocating an alternative course of action.

“The harrowing part of the Mueller report is part 2, on obstruction of justice,” Noonan, a frequent Trump critic who once called the president a “drama queen,” wrote.

“Reading it, you feel sure the president would have loved to subvert the investigation but wasn’t good at it and was thwarted by his staff. There are seemingly dangled pardons and threatened firings. There’s a hapless small-timeness to it, a kind of brute dumbness, and towering over it all is a grubby business deal in Moscow,” she added. “It’s unseemly.”

Noting how Sen. Joe McCarthy was censured in 1954, Noonan went on to argue that congressional censure would be a “formal registering not of Congress’s political disapproval but its moral disapproval,” calling it “a rarely used form of shaming.”

“Republicans, who control the Senate, wouldn’t vote to remove the president, but to morally disapprove of him? They would​,” she wrote. “There’s plenty of suppressed resentment there at how he’s mortified them and lowered things.​”​

Noonan concluded her argument noting that the censure was preferred over impeachment as the “less invasive path, the less damaging to the country, the less pointlessly polarizing.”

While Trump critics found plenty to cheer in Noonan’s op-ed, many others on Twitter called out her suggestion and slammed the left’s hypocrisy as they backed up the president for his critical tweet.

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