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‘Thanks for nothing, Bob’: Geraldo’s fierce defense of Trump over Mueller treatment gets him in trouble with the left

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One thing Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has always been is sincere, for better or oftentimes worse. And so when he heard special counsel Robert Mueller’s “sanctimonious nonsense” Wednesday, he didn’t think twice about letting the world know exactly what he thought about it.

First, he took to Twitter to deliver a multiple-tweet rant blasting Mueller for having lowered the standard of proof and warning Democrats that if they plan to use the special counsel’s words to pursue impeachment (which it looks like they might), they’ll have to go through him first.


The tweet that had Geraldo’s name trending for hours on Twitter came across as an odd threat:

In response, the left pounced:

Speaking with fill-in host Ed Henry on FNC’s ” The Story With Martha MacCallum” Wednesday evening, Rivera provided more clarity about how he feels. He admitted for instance that though he “had” liked Mueller, he’s not so fond of the special counsel’s recent actions.

“See, I like Robert Mueller. I mean, I certainly have always respected him. He had dignity and gravitas. And I respected the fact that his office didn’t leak during this long and tortured course. But what he just described — as a lawyer, it’s so offensive to me!” he angrily declared.

“What he has done is lower the burden of proof. When you suspect a person has committed a crime and you take them to the grand jury, what the grand jury finds is probable cause that a crime was committed. That’s not what Mueller just said.”

“What Mueller just said … is there was a possible crime committed. So instead of probable cause, you have possible cause. Maybe the president did something. I mean, for him to go on about that to insert it in his prepared remarks as he did, I think was a cheap shot.”

Not to mention a total rewrite of how the criminal justice system is supposed to operate:

Rivera then turned his attention to the Democrats.

“I think that Democrats that take encouragement from this that now let’s proceed with impeachment, they overlook the central problem with that thesis,” he said.

“Bill Clinton lied under oath. Perjury, he lost his law license. Nixon lied covering up a burglary that was committed. What did Trump do other than lose his temper about an unjust investigation!? He wasn’t obstructing justice. He was obstructing injustice! There was no collusion!”


True. Both former Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon were found guilty of the crimes they were originally accused of committing. In President Donald Trump’s case, he’s been exonerated of the original accusation, which was that he had colluded with Russians to affect the 2016 election.

But instead of also exonerating the president on obstruction of justice — which would have made perfect sense since given that, since Trump didn’t collude with the Russians, there was nothing for him to hide/obstruct — Mueller left the issue hanging, seemingly to open a door for possible impeachment.

Listen to Rivera’s full remarks below:

Rivera concluded his discussion with Henry by again reasserting that Trump did nothing wrong.

“How is Trump supposed to defend against that allegation that he possibly tried to obstruct?” he asked rhetorically. “You know what happened? I’ve known him for decades. What happened was he was fuming about this unfair investigation and said, ‘Damnit, I want you to fire that SOB!’ And now … they look back and say, ‘Oh, that was possibly obstruction of justice.'”

But as Henry noted, Trump never actually fired Mueller.

“He didn’t fire him,” Rivera said in agreement. “He didn’t. There was no there there. He never fired him. He fumed. The guy listened to the way I vent at times with a contractor or somebody. Oh, I’m going to — and then nothing happens the next day. You’re still where you were.”


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