Hannity tells Dems ‘go for it’ on impeachment, wants Mueller ‘under oath’ after resignation theatrics

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Sean Hannity ripped into Democrats and challenged them to “go for it” on impeaching President Trump while demanding that Robert Mueller now be called to testify before Congress.

The Fox News host blasted the former FBI director and special counsel who led the Russia investigation as someone who “doesn’t know the law” and is “basically full of crap,” during the fiery opening monologue of “Hannity” Wednesday.

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Declaring “act one is over,” Hannity roasted Democrats making so much “noise” and Mueller who delivered a rare public statement acknowledging his resignation earlier Wednesday that only served to stoke the fire for those calling for Trump’s impeachment, setting off what Hannity described as an “impeachment fantasy” for Democrats.

“Mueller has spent 25-plus million dollars investigating a hoax and now, for the fourth time, we have a conclusion,” Hannity said. “No collusion, no conspiracy. Today he officially resigned from the office of special counsel but not before showing the world, of course, what we already knew on this program, his partisan hackery true colors, if you will.”

“If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mueller said in his statement, reiterating the findings in his report that there was not enough evidence to indict Trump. “We did not determine whether the president did commit a crime.”

“We have a career bureaucrat, nothing more than a Trump-hating partisan who is now all but cheering for impeachment based on nothing,” Hannity said. “Number one, Robert Mueller doesn’t know the law — he’s basically full of crap.”

“Mueller’s continued public smear of a duly elected president who has been charged with no crime is completely unethical and immoral,” he added. “And Mueller’s actions today had nothing to do with justice. Everything to do with politics. And his presser today served one purpose, and that was to help the Democrats, give them another political bone to chew on.”

Hannity declared that Mueller “will be held accountable,” blasting the former special counsel for not taking questions at his brief press conference.

“I want Mueller under oath. I want him held accountable. I want him answering those questions,” Hannity said. “It’s now more important than ever.”

Hannity’s demand echoes that of other conservatives who are now calling for Mueller to testify, something Democrats were pushing for ahead of his remarks. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called out Mueller’s “convoluted” and “complex” report during an appearance on Fox News following Wednesday’s statement.

“In Mueller’s case, he had two full years, he had a huge team, they wrote a report. Now, if they can’t get their report right, I don’t know why they’re coming back later to tell us what it is they wish they might have said,” Gingrich argued.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz minced no words when reacting to Meuller’s statement during a later  “Hannity” segment on Wednesday.

“What I saw today was him putting his thumb, his elbow on the scale,” Dershowitz said. “It does show that he had a motive to help the Democrats here.”

Hannity also fired at Democrats who “just can’t let go” of their two years of “lying,” “conspiracy theories” and the Russia “hoax.”

“Without a doubt the radical extreme democratic socialist party, they are clamoring for impeachment more than ever before,” he said.

“Here is my message to them tonight: Go for it, go for it. I want you to reach for the stars,” he challenged. “Stay right there and don’t solve any more problems of the American people or serve the people who put you in Washington.”

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